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Is rage the future of feminism?

Werner refuses the apology, explaining, " I believed she was a boy, but I was in love with that boy. He is very attractive, in an Action Girl way. One of Peter's clones, known as Jessica, was female and was meant to have her former memories erased and rewritten with memories suitable for a female secret agent. Jessica escaped before this reprogramming could occur, however. From her perspective, it as if she had been Peter Parker for her entire life, then suddenly woke up one day as a girl.

Hilariously, Jessica had to deal with the fact that Johnny Storm found her attractive, which really freaked out the "original" Peter Parker. Jimmy Olsen , on more than one occasion! In this case, as it turned out, it was partly because he was inhabiting the goddess Sif's body, but the trickster god has used shapeshifting and illusion for similar effect on other occasions.

In one Beetle Bailey strip, General Halftrack found the company sitting in a clearing watching a beautiful girl in a skimpy bikini parade about. Sergeant Snorkel explained it was a lesson in camouflage: the "girl" was Lieutenant Fuzz. The strip was itself a rehash of an older strip, which had Sarge himself camouflaged as the gorgeous woman.

When Shade, the Changing Man became a woman, she was a stunningly beautiful one.

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Justified in that he was already such a pretty boy that he had masculinity issues with his image. Zatanna 's beautiful assistant Mikey who can fill out Zatanna's stage costume quite nicely in a pinch apparently was once a burly male Teamster type. Averted for Laughs in Valhalla , when Thor is forced to dress like a woman to infiltrate a Jotun wedding as the bride. The less said about Loki's initial disguise which is toned down to the one on the picture , the better.

When Photon switches genders from male to female in the relaunch of Youngblood , she has quite a few admirers, both male and female. In issue 6 of the Samurai Jack comic by IDW, the Scotsman is cursed with the form of a woman by some mischievous leprechauns after he drunkenly barges into their fairy circle.

The "Scotswoman" is considerably more pretty and petite than before S he is equally attractive in either form. Fan Fiction. Fabric flew within seconds. Neon Genesis Evangelion fan fiction examples: "When They're Gone" seen here features Shinji cross-dressing as a major plot point. He proves to be so attractive when doing this that many of his straight schoolmates begin questioning their sexualities. Another fic consisted of a list of things Misato was no longer allowed to do. Most are Noodle Incidents , including a pair of items stating Misato may no longer dress Shinji in girls' clothes, even if he makes it look good.

In a particularly interesting example, this Yu-Gi-Oh! Besides the fact that one of the otherwise male characters Namely Seto Freaking Kaiba has been re-written as a woman. An incredibly attractive young woman who also happens to be crossdressing so well that those who don't know otherwise find her to be an incredibly attractive young man All as planned.

The Harry Potter fanfic Jade Green Eyes and Beyond Expectations feature Harry crossdressing to hide from the wizarding world after the war ends and he becomes a star. Cue Male Gaze. In a Spider-Man fanfic Blessing In Disguise Peter finds that she makes a rather attractive girl after the shock and denial winds down somewhat after being turned into one.

Mellorine Mellorine : Sanji finds all three of his newly feminine comrades highly attractive, despite not particularly wanting to fawn over them. In Monsters In Paradise , a Ditto that had been going around disguised as Utsuho demonstrates its shape-changing ability by transforming into a male version of her.

Orin silently admitted that he was easy on the eyes, while Utsuho herself The two gender-bent Smurfs find each other's new forms rather attractive. Film — Animation. Yao: Bet the local girls thought you were quite the charmer. Film — Live-Action. In Willow , where Madmartigan briefly dresses as a woman after a tryst, pretending to be a cousin of the married woman he just bedded, to avoid being pounded by the lunker of a husband. The husband, after looking him over, offers the immortal line, "Wanna breed?

He looks at himself in the mirror and muses that he looked so good he would do him himself! The Little Rascals : Alfalfa and Spanky in ballerina drags. Bullies Butch and Woim find them quite attractive. In Girls , a guy dresses up as a girl to gain access to the girls' dorm at a college and eventually must fend off a rape attempt from a guy. The torso was a sex symbol for decades, but when restorers finally assemble the statue, it turns out to be male.

A billionaire named Litrel Spencer falls madly in love with Marcus and keeps flirting with him throughout the film, much to Marcus' disgust. When he finds out the truth at the end of the film, he is more distraught over Marcus being black than him being male. When Jerry is finally forced to reveal himself as a man, due to Osgood's insistence in proposing marriage, Osgood says, "Well, nobody's perfect!

Brown is very attractive when disguised as a female cleaner. In the extended edition of The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey , while resting in Rivendell, Killi remarks that most of the elven girls don't look particularly appealing to him except the one who was running the place when they arrive since Elrond was off leading the party dealing with the goblins. The other dwarves wait for a minute and then tell him that one was male. Dustin Hoffman's character in Tootsie is propositioned by one man and nearly assaulted by another while dressed as a woman.

For fans of romance, fantasy or both: Pretty much anything by Nalini Singh

Hoffman himself didn't find the makeup work convincing, however. He wanted to be a pretty woman and was told "this is the best you're gonna get". This is a major plot device in Tomboy. Lisa falls for Mickael who is actually a girl but looks quite boyish. It isn't until the last 10 minutes of the film that she learns of the true sex of the object of her affection. Plausibly a parody in A Series of Unfortunate Events , as the person who finds the Cross Dresser Olaf attractive is himself an unpleasant semi-villain.

Mary Russell is occasionally called upon to dress as a man given her spouse's occupation, quite frequently and is still rather bishonen doing so. As can be understood. And in a situation that might otherwise have been Sweet on Polly Oliver , this trope holds truer — during O, Jerusalem , when she's dressed as a teenage boy, her would-be rapists are in no way dissuaded by her revealing her gender. Subverted in Terry Pratchett 's Jingo , where after explaining the 'universal law' of this trope, it goes on to say "In this case, the laws were fighting against the fact of Corporal Nobby Nobbs , and gave up.

Her captor finds her attractive enough that he would have tried to seduce "Lord Aramin" if Araminta hadn't solicited him first. Older Than Print : The Arabian Nights story "Prince Camaralzaman and Princess Badoura" tells of a Prince and Princess whose beauty so captivates a pair of djinn that they argue over which is the most beautiful mortal alive.

Their attempt to settle the question leads to the Prince and Princess falling in love. It becomes a plot point that the two are almost identical, to the point where the Princess can dress up as the Prince, fool a cohort of her father's guards who are escorting them, and then fool a King and his daughter. Enough that the King proposes marriage and the daughter accepts. In The Wheel of Time the Dark One intentionally gives the formerly male Balthamel a beautiful female body as Aran'gar because Balthamel was a pervert, and the Dark One has a sense of humor.

In Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ's Childhood Pal , there's a scene when Biff has to disguise himself as a woman he lost the coin toss to help save the daughter of an Indian outcast, who doesn't let the fact that it's a man stop him from hitting on "her. He is supposed to be androgynous-verging-on-the-feminine anyway, but damn it's harped on.

Then again, the fact that he has to spend most of the story cross-dressing is a big plot point anyway. His brother Jay was completely fooled by the picture, asked Stephen how he knew 'her' and was "a little disturbed" when told he was drooling over his little brother. In John Varley 's Steel Beach , protagonist Hildy Johnson starts out as a fairly standard looking male but, after a high tech sex-change a common motif in Varley's work , becomes a stunning woman.

Mentioned in Starfighters of Adumar. The four members of Red Flight have to disguise themselves as women to get past the people hunting them. Wes : "So. Who's best-looking in women's dress? I vote for myself.

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Live-Action TV. Occurs several times in Blackadder : An extreme example, to the point of parody, is the scene in Blackadder II where Lord Percy falls for Baldrick in a dress— despite him retaining his usual beard and level of cleanliness. Baldrick in a dress also works for Lord Flasheart the beard gives him "something to hang on to! Taken to insane extremes when he sees "Bob" in a pretty dress and assumes it's a tawdry drag act Which "Georgina" was intended to be all along.

Even the girls at the all-girl school are amazed that "Ms. Fraser" is a man, deciding that "he" must be a woman on the inside, at least. The Dukes of Hazzard : The Season 6 episode "Targets: Daisy and Lulu" have — as part of an attempt to throw the episode's Villains of the Week off Daisy and Lulu's trail, since they are in possession of a stolen necklace the crooks have lost and are attempting to recover — the series defacto bad guys, Boss Hogg and Rosco, try to disguise themselves as Lulu and Daisy, respectively.

The trick actually is subverted; they are uglier than their counterparts, but it's played up for full comic value by their portrayers, Sorrell Booke and James Best. This scenario is an Actor Allusion to when Foley was the most convincing member of The Kids in the Hall to play female characters. Examples from Saved by the Bell : In the original series' SE:2, "Screech's Girl", Zack tries to cheer up Screech, who feels depressed because he doesn't think any girl could love him, by claiming he could find Screech a girl. Since he can't he then claims to have found a girl, but that she's very shy.

He calls Screech every day and talks to him as "Bambi". Eventually, Screech gets frustrated at not being able to meet Bambi face to face, so Zack is forced to dress up as Bambi and go on a date with Screech to the Max. He does it so well that not only is Screech convinced, but Slater hits on him, realises that it's Zack then compliments his legs. Even Kelly is convinced. Finally, Screech decides that he's better off now, knowing that he's able to date women, but claims not to be ready for commitment yet. However, a jock from school catches sight of him, and is immediately smitten.

Something similar happens in a classic episode of Happy Days where the Fonz unknowingly takes a liking to a cross-dressing Richie. They slow dance. In Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide , Cookie ends up crossdressing in several episodes and is hit on by boys in two of those instances. When he disguises himself as "Simone" for the first time, Loomer falls for "her" and is heartbroken when she "leaves" to supposedly go back to Washington. Another time, Cookie crossdresses to get into Seth's Basement Bash, and at one point falls into Coconut Head's arms, who has also fallen for "Simone.

One character refers to him as "Howard Moon['s] Believe it or not, Vince isn't the Butt-Monkey of the show. Davina has a quite large fanbase. Doctor Who , The Master turns the entire human population into clones of himself, resulting in various disturbingly gorgeous Drag! The original script even had a cut scene where the original Master flirted with Abigail!

D'Arcy Cheesewright falls in love with him and moves to New York in order to find her again. When he is assigned to do undercover work wearing women's drag, he spends the whole show getting ready, even shaving off his 'stash. In the end, everyone is stunned at how great he looks as a woman. In another episode, the much less attractive Fish does the same undercover detail and gains a male admirer who continues to be drawn to Fish even after he finds out he's not a lady.

Massively averted with Dietrich, who was gung-ho about undercover work, but just ended up looking like a man in a dress. Still he has to learn to deal with the extra unwanted attention his new body brings. In Silver Spoons , Rick dresses as a girl so that his best friend wouldn't be embarrassed by not having a date to a party. Ricky Schroeder actually made a pretty good looking girl. This was commented on in the show and was genuinely true. Cory, who was originally going to be the crossdresser is definitely not an example. It may be more understandable than most examples, since Shawn admits to having thought about crossdressing before this ever became a plot.

He even has a preferred female name, has practised female mannerisms and has a wig already. Jack is supposed to be considered, in universe, an attractive girl and Eric, in universe, is definitely not but Jack is clearly a boy in a dress, while Eric looks like just a larger than average girl. Instead, the authors look at the active ways men have dealt with forms of economic and symbolic marginalization and the barriers they have faced in doing so. While the focus of the volume is employment change, it covers a range of topics from consumption and leisure to education and family. Neoliberalism Masculinity Working class Employment Training Family Male Identity working-class men economic marginalization symbolic marginalization masculinity crisis consumerism consumption provider role postindustrial blue-collar work Neoliberal Production Regimes gender roles unemployment.

Editors and affiliations. University of Southampton Southampton United Kingdom 2. History might not repeat itself exactly, but it does rhyme, and there are a number of historical precedents transgender people can refer to when they must challenge bigotry, educate idiocy, and stand up for their prerogative to be different. Forewarned is forearmed. Here, therefore, are six common transphobic arguments that are rolled out to justify the unjust and prejudicial treatment of gender nonconforming people, along with a number of telling historical parallels of the use of similar discriminatory nonsense against racial and minority groups.

One: Transsexuality is just an excuse for being a pervert! When the American chain of discount stores, Target, unveiled a bathroom and fitting-room policy in April, , that would allow customers and staff to use the facility that felt right for them, nearly one-and-a-half million people signed an online petition calling for a boycott of Target outlets.

Apart from anything else, there are much easier ways to satisfy a fetish for toilet rape than alienating your friends, losing your job, and facing physical and verbal abuse on a daily basis, as a result of coming out as transgender. The argument that violence or wanton depravity inevitably follows when different groups of people live and work together is a particular favourite of the cretinous racist.

It would be a mistake, however, to assume that an irrational fear of integration is a mere comedic anachronism. There are some very powerful people who continue preach that, when people from different genders live and work side-by-side, the temptation to commit sexual assault is irrepressible, and that paedophilia and rape are only a heartbeat away. The only thing scarier than the people spouting such garbage are the folk who are prepared to vote for them.

Two: It is unfair to allow transgender people to participate in mainstream sport. In January, , the International Olympic Committee announced that it was relaxing its rules on the rights of transgender athletes to participate in international competitions. Given that caring who wins a sporting competition is absurd anyway, the outcry which followed this announcement was not difficult to predict.

Discrimination was justified with claims that the integrity of competitions could only be maintained via the preservation of the white status quo. When he joined the Brooklyn Dodgers, he was initially greeted with racial abuse from spectators, teammates refusing to play alongside him, and death threats from fans of both baseball and racism. Sixty-seven years later, the mixed martial artist, Fallon Fox, became the first transgender woman to participate professionally in her sport. In deference to over half a century of human stupidity, Fox was welcomed into the martial arts community with grammatically risible death threats.

Three: Why should precious time and resources be spent pandering to the whims of the tiny minority of transgender people living in this country? I hope not, because, frankly, it would be unbelievably expensive, nationwide. It would be hundreds of billions of dollars. It is precisely because a group is small that it needs powerful advocates to act on its behalf. A society which cannot protect the entitlements and freedoms of all its members to live ordinary, decent lives is a society that is failing. There can never a quorum for how large a group needs to be before the safeguarding of its human rights should be enshrined in morality and law: that group simply needs to be human.

The tantalising and fundamentally dishonest promise of splendid isolation offered by the emetic triumvirate of Boris Johnson, Nigel Farage and Rupert Murdoch exploited xenophobic anxieties that cut across social strata. Small businessmen were persuaded that Brexit would stop Bogdan and Lukasz from undercutting their nascent painting and decorating businesses, while that the already-rich were encouraged to look forward to an era when they would be even less constrained by equal-opportunities legislation and the requirement to meet minimum standards of decency in the way they treat their workforce.

Happily, the lexicon with which gender nonconformity is discussed and described is moving gradually away from conceptions anchored in the clinical and pathological disciplines. Not everyone is equipped for readily adjusting the way they talk and think when the casual cruelty of the vocabulary they use to describe sexuality, race or gender identity becomes socially unacceptable.

Consigning certain terminology to the dustbin of history does not come easy to people who have not been helped to understand the damage certain words have the power to do. Letting go is hard to do, and the bigoted have become adept at portraying themselves as the victim when social pressure tells them they need to mind their language.

Sam Mills' top 10 fictional sex changes | Books | The Guardian

Hopefully, one day, people will even stop denying us the right to choose how we self-identify. Five: Marriage should be between a man and a woman, not between two women, two men, nor anything in between. Under UK law, if one of the partners in an existing marriage declares their intention to change gender, the marriage must be dissolved to allow the partner or partners in question to obtain legal recognition of their new gender, before the couple can remarry.

In the United States, meanwhile, the right of transgender people to condemn themselves to a lifetime of connubial misery is covered by the same laws as same-sex marriage. The legal precedent that enshrined the right of same-sex couples to marry in American law was established by the June, , ruling of the Supreme Court in the case of Obergefell versus Hodges. Nothing upsets the cast of Deliverance quite like gay marriage, with anything outside the absolute, predetermined, cisgender, heterosexual norm equated with devil-worship, paedophilia and bestiality.

At the opposite end of the nature versus nurture spectrum, meanwhile, proponents of the trans-exclusionary school of radical feminism most notably, British academic, Julie Bindel, and Maryland lawyer, Cathy Brennan argue that transgenderism is entirely socially constructed. Specifically, TERF dogma maintains that female-to-male transsexuals are motivated by the desire to experience the power mandated to men by hegemonic processes in patriarchal societies; whilst, for transwomen, the appeal of transition is purely sexual — they just want to get their rocks off by pulling on fishnets and having a taste of being stared at.

Whether gender transition is a compulsion, a conviction, a compunction or a contrivance — or whether it is the result of over-indulgent mothering, childhood trauma, psychosis, psychology, psychiatry, psychopathy or psychometry — the label attached to its origins should never be an excuse for prejudice and discrimination. In it, I described the effect my transition had had on my teaching career, and how, ultimately, the barriers to employment and advancement I suddenly encountered had convinced me that I no longer wished to be part of such a toxic and reactionary profession.

Belonging to a caring, nurturing, selfless profession, however, does not preclude a person from being subject to the same societal forces that influence mainstream opinion. That teachers hold conservative views should not be surprising, but it should remain disappointing: the reasons why people elect to live different lifestyles should not eclipse the defence of their right to live them. History is littered with examples of pseudo-sciences that have been used to generate typologies that, in turn, have been used condone persecution, tyranny and repression: instances of pure bullshit, which enjoyed brief periods of popularity before being debunked and dismissed as the nonsense they clearly were.

Phrenology, and the less snappily named racial-anthropological physiognomy, are no longer used as excuses for racism and eugenics, and monarchs and prime ministers no longer consult astrologers before making strategic military decisions. Societies tend to grow out of mediaeval attachments to faulty scientific reasoning, but not all pseudo-science is easily dismissed, especially when it is used as an instrument of oppression. Neither is specious scientific reasoning the sole recourse of the crackpot or mountebank, and we must all accept our individual and collective responsibility for questioning and rejecting justifications for prejudice and hatred based on false logic, dodgy reasoning, scientific ignorance, or heaven forbid the Bible.

Accordingly, the links to the political landscape of , the placing of the arguments in their wider perspective and broader cultural context, and the eloquent written style, are entirely mine. Have a Very New Year! The US event culminated in service of remembrance for transgender people who have died as a result of bullying, harassment and physical assault, and everyone had a jolly spiffing time feeling strong and united in the company of like-minded people.

The only real problem is that, as forces of political and social change, awareness weeks are only infinitesimally more effective than doing absolutely nothing at all. Not only are awareness weeks — in their current form — colossal wastes of time, I want to argue that their three principal flaws are the same failings that made it possible for Donald Trump to be elected president of the USA, and for voters in the United Kingdom to choose to exit the European Union: namely, a self-defeating tendency to preach only to the already-converted; an inability to engage beyond the level of insults and name-calling with anyone who does not share the tolerant, liberal ideology of the magnanimous left; and an insistence on celebrating the accomplishments of a limited cabal of stereotypical role-models who perpetuate a lazy and unnuanced view of transgender people, and of the concept of success generally.

More than that, a mutual affection for Star Wars was the social glue with which I formed many childhood friendships, whilst I owe my more betterer vocabulary to the linguistic curiosity engendered by listening to Gilbert and Sullivan because the English language has never been set more perfectly to music. On a deeper level, I am troubled by how un- self- critical enthusiasts are. And not one of them is capable of embracing how ridiculous they are. An unsavoury air of smugness and self-satisfaction hangs around assemblies of people with common cultural interests, and, for the same reasons I avoid associating with Star Wars geeks and Gilbert and Sullivan twats, I do not seek the society of trannies.

I am, therefore, precisely the sort of person who thinks Transgender Awareness Weeks are a really, really lame idea. Like Star Wars conventions, awareness weeks conflate the three worst things about shared experience: the forced bonhomie and assumed political homogeneity of faux-solidarity; wilful deafness to criticism and self-criticism arising from the need to feel a sense of belonging ; and an insidious social pressure for participants to present a mindlessly optimistic front to the outside world.

The principal fault of Transgender Awareness Week is that its participants claim and appear to feel a sense of activism that they are not actually entitled to. Posting a photo of yourself overlaid with a pastel flag of horizontal stripes on Facebook does not constitute political engagement, and re-Tweeting a quote from Laverne Cox or Caitlyn Jenner is about as far as it is possible to get from orchestrating practical or attitudinal change within and regarding the transgender community. The conduct of proponents of Transgender Awareness Week may be well-meaning, but it is glib and childish, and, far from aiding the transgender cause, it only serves to damage it.

These are noble if vague and intangible goals, but the activities planned to achieve them were doomed to fail. It is difficult to see how a round-up of film, theatre and television containing transgender characters addresses any issues relating to gender nonconformity; or how much the cause of transgender equality can be advanced via a presentation from an executive at Tinder about how their dating app is becoming more trans-friendly.

A lot of time was spent in the penultimate week of November on activities with little or no power to make any genuine difference to the way transgender people are regarded or treated.

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What is especially frustrating is that good, well-intentioned people gave up their time to engage in this stuff: they wanted to contribute to some kind of change; they needed to feel as if they were doing something — anything — to forward the transgender cause. Those participants had their time well and truly wasted, which is why I would like to propose a radical new format for future transgender awareness weeks.

My scheme ensures delegates can still enjoy participating in collective activity, feel positive about investing time and energy in a good cause, and be guaranteed to reach an audience beyond the immediate transgender community. Then find out where the people work who caused you distress, find a group of likeminded people to accompany you, and go and pay your aggressor a visit.

Once you arrive at their office, there is no need to be surly or confrontational: simply point at the employee in question and explain what they did to hurt or ill-treat you.

Once you have named and shamed your antagonist in this way, tell them what the consequences of their actions were, and how you were made to feel; then invite them to justify or apologise for what they did. Alternatively, you and your awareness week chums should use the bureaucratic tools of their office to inconvenience the hell out of them.

If they work in a bank, for example, all of you should clog up the lobby filling in applications for pointless loans and queueing to ask idiotic questions. To be able to educate Becky in the covert and unthinking ways employers and potential employers discriminate against transgender people, I need to create an opportunity for myself to be able to view what happened from her perspective.

Furthermore, the people guilty of prejudice are the ones transgender awareness projects need to speak to most directly, because we need to understand why people hold transphobic attitudes before we can educate them out of ignorance. It is a mystery to me why anyone in a position of authority or with gatekeeping responsibility is ever permitted — unchallenged — to allow transphobia or homophobia or sexism or racism or ageism or ableism, for that matter to influence their behaviour. Yet the assurance the he would repeal this policy is one of the ways Trump secured his victory.

Anger, disbelief and frustration are perfectly comprehensible responses to the abuse and bigotry experienced by transgender people on a daily basis. Whilst rage may fuel the drive for political engagement, however, it can serve no constructive purpose if it is allowed to colour the nature of debate. If you shout at someone or insult them, then you cannot expect them to be responsive to your arguments, no matter how well-formed and persuasive those arguments are.

Ironically, Clinton began that same speech by thanking the speaker who had preceded her — Laverne Cox. Hillary Clinton should have been able to beat Donald trump easily — how bad do you have to be to be incapable of persuading people not to vote for him? If you call someone names, they shut down. That is not to say that transgender people should turn the other cheek when random strangers are rude and abusive. Penny, it should be noted, is autistic, has a short and tragic history of petty abusive behaviour, is most likely suffering from depression, and has further addled his brain through marijuana addiction.

Whilst none of these justify his behaviour towards Izzard, they do go some way towards explaining it, and allow Penny to be recast as the victim. Instead, Penny remains unrepentant, uneducated, and — much worse — even angrier with the artsy-fartsy transvestite set than he was when the whole sorry episode began. Instead of political activism, however, celebratory and affirming events organised by and for transgender people inevitably degenerate into beauty pageants, and it is depressing to see how many transgender fashion models are offered as evidence that transgender people can succeed in a cisgender world.

Confetti cannons and catwalks do not a political statement make. Culturally, we have moved on from thinking that becoming a fashion model or beauty queen means a cisgender female has made it as a woman: we should not be tricked into believing that a similar aspiration is any less sexist or body-fascist when the participants are transsexuals. First, reducing transgender culture and that of male-to-female transsexuals in particular to lip-gloss, selfies and fashion parades is demeaning.

The Future Is Female. And She's Furious.

It is precisely the sort of retrograde behaviour that compounds gender stereotypes, and which rationalises the concept of trans-exclusionary feminism. I would never begrudge anyone the right to party, but to try and glue a political label to — or to claim that something is being celebrated by — partying, is just silly.

There is nothing ennobling, transformative or educational about a catwalk full of trannies. Second, the sexualisation of any group of people is extremely damaging, both to the status of the group itself, and to the esteem with which it is regarded. When sexualised transvestism is permitted to dominate transgender discourse — and to define the face the transgender community presents to the world about itself — then neutral observers should be forgiven for questioning our motives.

Gender Bender Billionaire III: Honey (A Gender Transformation Erotica) Gender Bender Billionaire III: Honey (A Gender Transformation Erotica)
Gender Bender Billionaire III: Honey (A Gender Transformation Erotica) Gender Bender Billionaire III: Honey (A Gender Transformation Erotica)
Gender Bender Billionaire III: Honey (A Gender Transformation Erotica) Gender Bender Billionaire III: Honey (A Gender Transformation Erotica)
Gender Bender Billionaire III: Honey (A Gender Transformation Erotica) Gender Bender Billionaire III: Honey (A Gender Transformation Erotica)
Gender Bender Billionaire III: Honey (A Gender Transformation Erotica) Gender Bender Billionaire III: Honey (A Gender Transformation Erotica)
Gender Bender Billionaire III: Honey (A Gender Transformation Erotica) Gender Bender Billionaire III: Honey (A Gender Transformation Erotica)
Gender Bender Billionaire III: Honey (A Gender Transformation Erotica) Gender Bender Billionaire III: Honey (A Gender Transformation Erotica)

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