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From this happiness that Liesel gets from books, readers can conclude that the simplest of objects can be the cause of great joy. Hans, Rudy and Liesel are all examples that humans are able to create their own happiness, or allow simple objects to bring them joy. Although these three are living through such a dark and angry time, their ability to feel and express happiness shows that there is still hope for a happier future for them.

Nazi Germany consists of a time where those with enough courage to speak against Hitler are beaten down, physically and mentally, to the point where all they have left is fear. Knowing this, Liesel, Max and Hans all display a great amount of courage towards other Germans, Death itself as well as Hitler. Liesel expresses her boldness when she sees Max walking with the rest of the Jews, and decides to acknowledge and speak to him. Max and Liesel created such a strong friendship, that he had given her a story that he created, and she had read to him while he was in their basement. She told Max about her past experiences, about the books that she stole, about the nightmares she had and Max returned the favor by sharing his hallucinations, books and nightmares with Liesel.

Knowing that the soldiers were watching, she still grabbed ahold of him, wanting to let him know she was there. Max attempted to get rid of her, for fear that she would get in trouble but she would not leave his side.

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The soldier, seeing Liesel once again talking to Max, pulled out a whip and whipped both Max and Liesel. Liesel was determined to be with Max, and this act of bravery shows her courage towards the soldier that was threatening to punish her severely.

The courage she expresses shows that people can be brave enough to do what is considered crazy things, if motivated enough. He dreamt that he would finally one day be able to physically beat Hitler down, the way Hitler had done to him and his people. Max shows great bravery in the face of struggle and even Death.

As a child, Max had this idea that when he died, he did not want to die a quiet death. Max has shown bravery in the face of many struggles. He had enough courage to travel on his own to seek out Hans Hubermann, with the very likely risk that Germans would catch him. This was something he used to always say to Liesel when he was living in her basement, so he knew that Liesel would appreciate him saying it to her. He knew that the soldiers would punish him with a whip if he did not stop talking to Liesel, but after everything she had done for him, and the friendship that the two had, he could not even think to ignore her.

Max showed courage against death, as well as a Nazi soldier which shows that fearless individuals still exist, and they will do whatever they need to in order to stand up for themselves and those they care about. These individuals also give hope to others around them, by not being afraid and by doing what is right. Hans Hubermann is a man that knows what is right and wrong.

The reader learns very early that he has a good head on his shoulder by the decisions he makes with his life. Hans shows great courage when he makes the decision of not being a supporter of Hitler. Hans Hubermann belonged to the 10 percent of Germans that did not show unflinching support for Adolf Hitler Zusak, He knew what was going on, and he knew that it was wrong.

It was very dangerous for Hans not to show support to Hitler. It could ultimately cost him his life, and the life of his family but he chose to boldly stand by his opinion, and not change it for the sake of being a part of the majority. Although he had to go through many hardships as a result of his decision, Hans had the courage to stand by his choices, and because of this it shows that humans are, in fact, capable of doing the right thing.

Even if the majority of people are following something that is wrong, there are a few individuals that will be able to stand up and voice their opinion over it, regardless of the consequences. Through characters showing compassion, feeling happiness and expressing their courage, it allows the reader to feel hope that each of those characters will be alright. Hope is something that can be found, even in the darkest of times, if only one remembers to look for it. All academic writers working for Essay Factory live in the United Kingdom or the United States and are proficient at writing in both variants of English.

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The support staff gave me an instant quote and answered all my questions before I placed the order. It is written on behalf of the Death, which is unusual. You are reading the book and from the first lines you feel some shock… The book makes you think about the value of life, the bitterness and suffering the devastation that war brings. Peace, love, tranquility — that is what we must cherish, the author points out in his work. Usually literary books are written on behalf of the protagonist or on behalf of the author, who is a witness.

And people in all circumstances can and should be a man. This same work raises questions at once and changes our mind. Where the children were playing hopscotch; bombs became to fell from the sky. Her name is Liesel, who provokes empathy and compassion. Beauty and ugliness of human coexist in the book together. The unusual style of the author is bright, lively and metaphorical.

Thoughts transmit imagery, confusing colorful descriptions. And only a few pages later you get used to that conducted on behalf of Death story about people, destinies, events, period. For example, one German gave a piece of bread to a dying Jew — and a Nazi beat them both.

The first and foremost it is about words, their incredible power, which can do so much — to kill millions of people or, vice verse, to save. And today the world is not so easy: bloodshed of innocent people. Death is a worker, who works hard and at the same time never has a vacation. In some countries there is a war, and in the others terrorist acts that lead to human casualties and destructions.

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The transition between childhood innocence and adulthood is long and confusing, often uncovering questions that cannot be answered. During the process the adult world seems inviting and free, but only when we become members of a cruel, unjust society can the blissful ignorance of childhood be appreciated and missed. Salinger captures the confusion of a teenager when faced with the challenge of adapting to an adult society. The novel Catcher in the Rye explores how adult life appears complex and incomprehensible to teenagers on the brink of entering it.

When Holden Caulfield is first introduced as a character he appears to be a fairly typical, normal teenager. The natural human response to a threatening situation is either fight or flight. The museum serves as his escape from complicated adult life because unlike reality, the museum remains unchanged. Holden wants to find security and the museum offers him a simplified version of life he desperately craves.

The author uses the cliff to symbolically refer to a child losing his or her innocence and becoming an adult. The fact that Holden feels he wants to prevent children from falling into adulthood gives the reader an insight into his own mind. He is clearly scared and not emotionally ready to grow up and complete his transition from a child to an adult. Spencer has a far superior knowledge of how the world functions due to his age.

His message to Holden is to become socially intelligent and to take a broad view of how his actions affect the world. Malachi returns to the early sermon that day near death, and his final words concern scorpions. Nicholas of Morimondo, the glazier, tells William that whoever is the librarian would then become the Abbot, and with new light, William goes to the library to search for evidence.

The Abbot is distraught that William has not solved the crime, and that the Inquisition is undermining him, so he fires William. That night, William and Adso penetrate the library once more in search of the finis Africae. William and Adso discover Jorge waiting for them in the forbidden room. He says that he has been masterminding the Abbey for years, and his last victim is the Abbot himself, who has been trapped in a secret passage of the library.

The Abbot suffocates, and Jorge tells them that Venantius's hidden book was Aristotle's Second Poetics , which speaks of the virtues of laughter, something Jorge despises. Jorge put poison on the pages on the book, knowing that a reader would have to lick his fingers to turn them. Venantius was translating the book and died. Berengar found the body and disposed of it in pig's blood, fearing exposure, before reading the book himself and dying.

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Malachi was convinced by Jorge to retrieve the book, which was stashed with Severinus, so he kills Severinus and retrieves the book, before getting curious and dying as well. All of the murders time out with the Seven Trumpets , which call for objects falling from the sky Adelmo threw himself from a tower , pools of blood, poison from water, bashing of the stars Severinus was killed with his head bashed in with a celestial orb , scorpions, locusts, and fire.

Jorge consumes the book's poisoned pages and uses Adso's lantern to start a fire, which burns down the library. As the fire spreads to the rest of the abbey, William laments his failure. Confused and defeated, William and Adso escape the abbey. Years later, Adso, now aged, returns to the ruins of the abbey and collects books that were salvaged from the fire, creating a lesser library. Eco was a professor of semiotics , and employs techniques of metanarrative , partial fictionalization, and linguistic ambiguity to create a world enriched by layers of meaning.

The solution to the central murder mystery hinges on the contents of Aristotle 's book on Comedy , which has been lost. In spite of this, Eco speculates on the content and has the characters react to it. Through the motif of this lost and possibly suppressed book which might have aestheticized the farcical, the unheroic and the skeptical, Eco also makes an ironically slanted plea for tolerance and against dogmatic or self-sufficient metaphysical truths—an angle which reaches the surface in the final chapters. The Name of the Rose has been described as a work of postmodernism. The novel ends with irony: as Eco explains in his Postscript to the Name of the Rose , "very little is discovered and the detective is defeated.

The mystery revolves around the abbey library, situated in a fortified tower—the aedificium. This structure has three floors—the ground floor contains the kitchen and refectory , the first floor a scriptorium , and the top floor is occupied by the library. A catalogue of books is kept in the scriptorium, where manuscripts are read and copied. A monk who wishes to read a book would send a request to the librarian, who, if he thought the request justified, would bring it to the scriptorium.

Finally, the library is in the form of a labyrinth, whose secret only the librarian and the assistant librarian know. The aedificium has four towers at the four cardinal points, and the top floor of each has seven rooms on the outside, surrounding a central room. There are another eight rooms on the outer walls, and sixteen rooms in the centre of the maze. Thus, the library has a total of fifty-six rooms. The first letter of the verse is the letter corresponding to that room.

Hibernia in the West tower , and those rooms contain books from that region. The geographical regions are:. Two rooms have no lettering - the easternmost room, which has an altar, and the central room on the south tower, the so-called finis Africae, which contains the most heavily guarded books, and can only be entered through a secret door.

The entrance to the library is in the central room of the east tower, which is connected to the scriptorium by a staircase. Much attention has been paid to the mystery the book's title refers to.

The Book Thief by Markus Zusak Essay Essay Example

In fact, Eco has stated that his intention was to find a "totally neutral title". They chose The Name of the Rose. The book's last line, "Stat rosa pristina nomine, nomina nuda tenemus" translates as: "the rose of old remains only in its name; we possess naked names. In this novel, the lost "rose" could be seen as Aristotle 's book on comedy now forever lost , the exquisite library now destroyed, or the beautiful peasant girl now dead. The title is also an allusion to the nominalist position in the problem of universals , taken by William of Ockham.

According to nominalism, universals are bare names: there is not a universal rose, only the name rose. This text has also been translated as "Yesterday's rose stands only in name, we hold only empty names. Medieval manuscripts of this line are not in agreement: Eco quotes one Medieval variant verbatim, [13] but Eco was not aware at the time of the text more commonly printed in modern editions, in which the reference is to Rome Roma , not to a rose rosa.

This translates as "Where now is Regulus, or Romulus, or Remus? Red rose growing in the meadow, you vaunt yourself bravely bathed in crimson and carmine: a rich and fragrant show. But no: Being fair, You will be unhappy soon. Watson's description of Sherlock Holmes when he first makes his acquaintance in A Study in Scarlet and to William of Ockham see the next section.

It's important to note that he doesn't cause people to die, but is "a result" 2. He exists because people die, to help them transition to the afterlife. Also, note that Death isn't your typical grim reaper with "sickle or scythe" He tells us that if we want to see what he looks like, we should, "[f]ind […] a mirror" In other words, all humans die, and so we all look like Death.

In a way, we're all united with Death, and he's the thing that unites all of us. He's part of what makes us essentially human. This just got scary-deep. I guess there's a little bit of death in me, but it's probably true for everyone. I think I just applied the thought of how scared I am of death and reversed it. I thought, 'What if he or she or it is haunted by everything he sees humans do?

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Also, I had more empathy for Death when he was vulnerable like that. We have another question: where does Death take the souls?

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This isn't quite specified He's elusive about the afterlife, but does seem to imply that there is one. When he comes for Liesel years into the future, he takes her to Anzac Avenue—which sounds ordinary enough, but maybe Death means an afterlife version? It's confusing and playful, and made even more confusing when death tells us that, "A few cars drove by, each way. Those are all names of the dead.

The Book Thief: Shmoop Study Guide The Book Thief: Shmoop Study Guide
The Book Thief: Shmoop Study Guide The Book Thief: Shmoop Study Guide
The Book Thief: Shmoop Study Guide The Book Thief: Shmoop Study Guide
The Book Thief: Shmoop Study Guide The Book Thief: Shmoop Study Guide
The Book Thief: Shmoop Study Guide The Book Thief: Shmoop Study Guide

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