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Imagine if she was always shooting down your ideas. And second, let her have it.

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And when you do disagree about something, be respectful. Say you have different political views, or she hates a band that happens to be one of your favourites.

How to Be a Better Husband - How to Love your Wife Better

What you should do is listen to her point of view and try to understand it before offering up your own. Put your support one hundred percent in her corner and do it with enthusiasm. So take care of yourself. Stay active, be healthy, and have fun. Do what you need to do to improve your own life. We talked about her goals earlier, but what about your own?

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Whether its running a half marathon, quitting smoking, or eating an entire rotisserie chicken in one sitting, set a goal and go for it. The satisfaction you get from achieving goals will bleed over into other parts of your life and make you a better, more balanced partner for your wife.

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We get busy. Treat her like you did when you were dating. Instead of watching TV on the couch, take her out for a drink or a nice meal. Go for a walk in the park. Just the two of you spending time together is enough. Brad Browning is widely regarded as the world's most trusted breakup experts, boasting over 12 years of experience working with clients from around the world.

Brad's 1 best-selling breakup reversal guide, The Ex Factor , has helped more than , people from countries to re-unite with an ex. Brad is also the author of Mend The Marriage , a comprehensive self-help guide that teaches married couples how to save their dying marriage and prevent divorce. Your email address will not be published.

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  4. These are small things you can do right now! Give Her A Call A marriage is a partnership. Jacobson 2. Buy Her Flowers It may not be rocket science but something simple like flowers will brighten up her day more than you know. Ask her about her day and just listen to what she has to say. Ambedkar 4. Do Some Chores Modern life is stressful, especially for women. Give Her A Hug Physical contact does wonders for health and happiness. If she no longer feels like you care about her, your marriage will not last. Little surprises and shows of affection will make her feel beautiful, respected, and admired.

    Say Yes This one is simple. Say yes to her ideas and suggestions. This can range from where to eat dinner to what to name your kids and everything in between. This helps avoid conflict and meaningless fights. It will also save time. Make Time For Her We get busy.

    If the old routine is getting stale, try something new together like rock climbing. Schedule it out if you have to or make it spontaneous but do it. Brad Browning Brad Browning is widely regarded as the world's most trusted breakup experts, boasting over 12 years of experience working with clients from around the world. So pick up on their body cues, slumped shoulders, a defeated pose, the aggressive rubbing of eyes, etc. Instead make sure that you make every effort to turn that frown upside down.

    These 5 Genius Tips Are All You Need To Cheer Up Your Upset Wife

    If your partner is depressed for more than two weeks or if they show suicidal symptoms, then call for psychological help as soon as possible. Depressions can hit a person in ways that the outside world would have no idea about. Sometimes, it might just be a slump. But, always be very subtle and loving while offering the negative suggestions.

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    Listening is an art. But sometimes they just may not be in the mood to talk. When worried or anxious, the muscles in our body, especially the ones on our shoulders, tense up and form knots. Liked what you just read? E-mail to:. Your Name:.

    39 Ways on How to Cheer Up Your Girlfriend - Luvze

    Your Email:. Personalized Message:. How do you make sure that your partner feels better when they slip into one of these days? Especially for women, to make them feel important is a great strategy. Conversation always need to go two ways and you have to listen to what your partner says. Communication is key in any relationship. My wife and I work different schedules; this often limits our time together.

    It was her turn to do dishes tonight, but she was exhausted. After spending a few hours together she went to bed. I did the dishes as quietly as possible and cleaned. Sometimes those small things make the difference. Be there for them. Ultimately no matter what you say, or what you do; nothing will be felt more than your presence.

    Nothing will help more. But talk things out with them. Try to help them see the positive in the situation. But do NOT ignore them.

    Cheer Up Your Wife Cheer Up Your Wife
    Cheer Up Your Wife Cheer Up Your Wife
    Cheer Up Your Wife Cheer Up Your Wife
    Cheer Up Your Wife Cheer Up Your Wife
    Cheer Up Your Wife Cheer Up Your Wife
    Cheer Up Your Wife Cheer Up Your Wife
    Cheer Up Your Wife Cheer Up Your Wife
    Cheer Up Your Wife Cheer Up Your Wife

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