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Connecting Shipmates from the USS Abraham Lincoln (SSB(N) 602)
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This page is designed to explain the Submarine aspect of this order, and detail the rest of Allied Submarine forces. This is impressive when viewed against the fact that the submarines accounted for a mere 1. Navy forces engaged in the Pacific theatre.

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The Submarine Service was initiated in August with the launching of USS Gato , the class of submarines which achieved the most progress in the early U. Later submarines of the similar but thicker-hulled and deeper-diving Balao- class were added. A total of 73 Gato class submarines were produced between and , with 19 sunk. Since there is such an abundance of submarine models within these classes, this website cannot do justice to the variety of the U.

Submarine forces.

'Eternal Reefs' in waters off Sarasota create lasting memorials for lost submarines

Instead, the following are images of examples of each of the two classes:. Type: Gato.

US Submarines on Eternal Patrol

Speed in knots: Type: Balao. We're enthusiastic about keeping you informed about the fascinating historical significance of Pearl Harbor! Org All rights reserved. Org is a privately owned website and is not owned or operated by, nor affiliated with, a Government Agency. Tour Comparison Chart.

Submarines on Eternal Patrol

Museum Store. They also placed a marker to recognize submariners lost in non-sinking events, and the pinnacle reef to mark the site.

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The reef project was marked by an official ceremony for those lost at sea as veterans joined in a wreath laying on the waters above the reef site. For divers interested in visiting the site, the reef site is 9 miles off Big Pass in 45 feet of water.

Eternal Patrol

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On Eternal Patrol Memorial Reef
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Eternal Patrol

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