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Aamod – Fondazione Archivio Audiovisivo del Movimento Operaio e Democratico

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A few samples from the Bradanic Trough are characterized by high Ca contents, related to very large quantities of calcite, whereas others from the northern Murge have smaller quantities. However, some bivariate plots with different major and trace elements ratios are important in some cases for distinguishing samples from neighbouring sites located within the same sub-area. For example, bivariate plots can be used for the area on the Adriatic coast south of Bari Fig. Trace element concentrations also confirm the homogeneity of the samples; this finding agrees with the geochemical homogeneity of the Plio-Pleistocene Apulian marly clays.

Nevertheless some elements, such as La, Y, Rb and Nb are important in some cases for distinguishing different sub-groups of samples from neighbouring sites located in the same sub-area Fig.

The Paradox of the Italian Jewish Experience in 1990-2010

The bivariate plots show a variable correlation, mainly in La vs. Rb and La vs. Bivariate plots ppm which can distinguish samples from sites located within the same areas in Apulia or Basilicata: High temperatures have been suggested for these painted fine wares, revealing a better firing control temperature, rate of heating and oxidising atmosphere and the use of kilns.

In the same groups decreasing amounts of calcite were seen, which was re-crystallized in pottery pores, as microscopic observation on thin section shows.

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The absence of a dark core and the low birefringence of the matrix confirm respectively an accurate oxidising atmosphere and a high degree of sintering. Two samples of painted fine ware were analysed in from the excavations at the Neolithic site of Capo Alfiere carried out by the University of Texas at Austin , which is located on the eastern seaboard of Calabria. The sporadic presence of local volcanic non-plastic inclusions may also suggest a local production of some of these pots with imported raw materials.

The geology of the area Messina et al. Mineralogical analyses confirm the presence of predominant quartz and K-feldspar, with a small quantity of plagioclase. The systematic occurrence of new phases, formed during firing, such as diopsidic pyroxenes, gehlenite and hematite, are detected Fig. Phase transformations were obviously fostered by the very fine paste texture.

The concentration of trace elements Fig. The formal analogies between pots found at distant Neolithic sites all over south-eastern Italy does not correspond to an actual exchange of finished pots produced in Apulia. Bivariate plots ppm a Ba vs. Ce and b Cr vs. Such activity might have been distinct from individual and domestic tasks and could suggest that local production was no longer domestic. All data suggest a more complex social model of production that, in Mid Neolithic societies, might have changed from a family or domestic model to a non-formal or incipient-specialized one, following P.

Scarpellini, E.

Rice and S. Archaeometric data suggest a polycentric production based on a common technological background.

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Qualche parallelo tra la Daunia e la Bosnia durante il Neolitico. Istituto Italiano di Preistoria e Protostorica, Florence, Analisi tecnologiche di impasti ceramici dal villaggio neolitico di Masseria Candelaro. Analisi archeometriche delle ceramiche. Claudio Grenzi Editore, Foggia, Analisi mineralogica di alcuni manufatti ceramici neolitici provenienti dal territorio di Rutigliano Bari, Puglia. Geologia applicata e idrogeologia , Mineralogical and chemical classification of Pleistocene clays from the Lucanian Basin Southern Italy for the use in the Italian tile industry.

Applied Clay Science , 6: Materiale di partenza e sue trasformazioni mineralogiche. Indagini mineralogiche e petrografiche su ceramiche neolitiche da Partanna TP.

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Tecniche paleontologiche per la caratterizzazione di ceramiche neolitiche ed argille affioranti presso Partanna TP. A simple method to evaluate the matrix in X-ray fluorescence analysis. Es el proyecto de Al Qaeda. Este grupo se vende como la 'cara amable' del yihadismo y Occidente se ha planteado financiarlo para combatir a Asad. Sus ansias por derrocar a Asad la ha llevado presuntamente a facilitar operaciones del Frente Nusra y la entrada en Siria de miembros del IS.

La historia no es tu fuerte. Y muchas veces. Escrito en los 80 por Oded Yinon, es la pieza angular de la politica exterior de Israel en los Dicho plan, propone la invasion de Iraq y su division en tres partes.

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  • Aamod – Fondazione Archivio Audiovisivo del Movimento Operaio e Democratico.
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    La guerra democratica (Italian Edition) La guerra democratica (Italian Edition)
    La guerra democratica (Italian Edition) La guerra democratica (Italian Edition)
    La guerra democratica (Italian Edition) La guerra democratica (Italian Edition)
    La guerra democratica (Italian Edition) La guerra democratica (Italian Edition)
    La guerra democratica (Italian Edition) La guerra democratica (Italian Edition)
    La guerra democratica (Italian Edition) La guerra democratica (Italian Edition)
    La guerra democratica (Italian Edition) La guerra democratica (Italian Edition)
    La guerra democratica (Italian Edition) La guerra democratica (Italian Edition)

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