Wolfs Bane in Mocha

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See more. Geek Chic Bleacke Shifters 2. Book 2. Oh, yeah, her brothers insist on a formal wedding. But when long-time friend and Enforcer partner, Beck, finds his mate during an operation, Dewi feels guilty that he has to let her go or risk the completion of their job. She makes it her responsibility to help Beck track her down.

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Adding insult to injury, Nami teams up with Ken to help plan the shifter wedding of all weddings. Dewi would rather face a drug gang than wear a froufrou dress…or, she just might have to do both. A Bleacke Wind Bleacke Shifters 3. Book 3. With orders to bring Joaquin to Idaho, Dewi and the others set off. Then an unexpected mating throws yet another monkey wrench into the plans. Keeping himself and Nami alive in the Idaho wilderness might even require help from an unexpected source, as answers to old tragedies are delivered on… A Bleacke Wind.

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Bleacke Spirit Bleacke Shifters 4. Book 4. Like texting. And Facebook.

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And of course life is never easy for Dewi, Ken, Badger, Beck, Nami, and the rest of their extended family. Who knew cute could be so deadly? Similar ebooks. Governor Governor Trilogy 1.

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Book 1. Book 1 of the Governor Trilogy, mmf, political romance. His wife.

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Who is also, as of when we were sworn in this morning, my lieutenant governor. I am Owen Taylor, governor of the great state of Florida. Wolf's Bane.


Secrets are my specialty. In a world where different is dangerous, my sister and I must pretend to be human at all costs. Too bad I just lost the job that lets me live under the radar while putting food on my sister's plate.

Wolfs Bane in Mocha Wolfs Bane in Mocha
Wolfs Bane in Mocha Wolfs Bane in Mocha
Wolfs Bane in Mocha Wolfs Bane in Mocha
Wolfs Bane in Mocha Wolfs Bane in Mocha
Wolfs Bane in Mocha Wolfs Bane in Mocha
Wolfs Bane in Mocha Wolfs Bane in Mocha
Wolfs Bane in Mocha Wolfs Bane in Mocha

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