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Online ISSN: About this journal Founded in , the Journal of Clinical Psychology is a peer-reviewed forum devoted to research, assessment, and practice. Edgar Katherine S. Jones Christina Pietz Adrian N. Interpersonal needs and suicide risk: The moderating roles of sex and brooding Mary K. Lear Ryan M. Kozina Stephanie E.

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Stacy Joshua D. Clapp Carolyn M. The protective effects of grit on suicidal ideation in individuals with trauma and symptoms of posttraumatic stress Laura Marie Sarah E. Taylor Natasha Basu Nicholas A. Factor structure of the barratt impulsiveness scale Jim H. Patton Matthew S. Stanford Ernest S. Mechanisms of mindfulness Shauna L. Shapiro Linda E.

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Carlson John A. Neff Christopher K. Recent issues. Tools Submit an Article Browse free sample issue Get content alerts. Subscribe to this journal. Email or Customer ID. A number of students in the Department of Psychology have received prestigious awards and grants. On May 9th, Dave DeMatteo testified before the Pennsylvania House Democratic Policy Committee in Harrisburg in a special hearing on mental health issues and the criminal justice system. Student scholars in the humanities, social sciences, natural and physical sciences presented their research at the annual College of Arts and Sciences Research Day on Tuesday, April 9, in Behrakis Grand Hall.

James Herbert, Ph. Lauren Greenberg, Ph. The Theodore H. Chelsea Morse, a fourth year neuropsychology student in the Clinical Psychology Ph. Chelsea Morse, Ph. Student in clinical psychology, mentored by Dr. Maria Schultheis, psychology, CoAS, was granted a prestigious award by the Women In Leadership group of the National Academy of Neuropsychology, in recognition of an essay she submitted describing the influence of her mentors, in which she highlighted Dr.

Schultheis' mentorship in particular. Chris King, a fourth-year student in the J. Laura A. Berner, a doctoral student in Dr.

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Anti-Doping Agency that Armstrong has used performance-enhancing drugs throughout his career. Researchers at Drexel University have found that a majority of women with bulimia nervosa reach their highest-ever body weight after developing their eating disorder, despite the fact that the development of the illness is characterized by significant weight loss. Psychology News Mona Elgohail Receives the Drexel Common Good Award and the Exceptional Graduate Student Award June 19, Mona Elgohail, a clinical psychology PhD student mentored by Pamela Geller, PhD, was awarded the university-wide Drexel Common Good Award for her academic excellence and commitment to improving the world around her by making contributions to local, national and global communities through scholarship and civic engagement.

Members of the graduating class of share their advice, Philly faves, memories and more before they head off on their next adventure. Read More College of Arts and Sciences Faculty Awards May 21, The mission of the College of Arts and Sciences and the University could not be accomplished without the dedication and support of our faculty members. February 13, A new brain-imaging study from Drexel University's Creativity Research Lab reveals that the different "cognitive styles" of creative and analytical thinkers are due to fundamental differences in their brain activity that can be observed even when people are not working on a problem.

February 05, When it comes to life after graduation, there are many exciting decisions to consider, from choosing where to put down roots, to applying for jobs and determining if graduate or professional school is right for you. Drexel Psychologist Wants to Find Out February 05, What if an hour a week for six weeks could prevent young adults from becoming obese? Meyer, PhD, assistant teaching professor of psychology, student learning transcends the classroom with annual Habitat for Humanity trips and a pedagogy focused on "connections over content.

She will be receiving this award at their annual conference in February of Read More CoAS Accomplishments in Brief January 03, We are pleased to recognize the recent grants, publications, presentations, awards and honors of the members of the College of Arts and Sciences. This designation is presented to outstanding APS members who are in the earliest stages of their research career.

Researchers Study Attitudes Toward Brain Stimulation October 22, Drexel psychologists studied the public's attitudes toward brain stimulation.

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Read More Scientists Discover How Brain Signals Travel to Drive Language Performance June 21, Using transcranial magnetic stimulation and network control theory, Drexel psychologists have taken a novel approach to understanding how signals travel across the brain's highways and how stimulation can lead to better cognitive function. NEDA is the nation's largest eating disorder association, and the NEDA regional conference is designed to bring together individuals who are experiencing eating disorders or who want to learn more about eating and body image issues.

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  5. LeBow Hall. Diaz, a Navy veteran and Pat Tilman Scholar, is the executive director and co-founder of Action Tank, a nonprofit organization of service-minded veterans focused on improving their community after their time in uniform. Read More Spring Courses February 01, Gain the skills to ace your first co-op, find out what it takes to become the next big blogger, and learn how Hollywood has affected the environmental movement in these new spring courses.

    Quite simply, he says, it was the day that forever changed the trajectory of his life.

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    He spent the next few years helping to raise his young child, and then, just after turning 25, he fulfilled what he considered his obligation to his country and enlisted in the United States Navy. Read More Drexel Launches Free Counseling Program for Veterans November 06, The skills training program is designed to help veterans reduce stress, improve relationships and achieve meaningful life goals. And, when combined with analytical thinking, they can spur creative breakthroughs. Hagerty Library from Feb. Read More How to Train 'Superhuman' Geoscientists February 02, The radiologist interpreting your MRI scan and the geologist assessing our natural resource reserves have one important thing in common: They are both exceptionally skilled at perceiving important cues in an image or vista that the rest of us are almost certain to miss.

    Her supportive parents encouraged her to speak her mind — and she often did. Read More An App for Binge Eating Disorder and Bulimia January 03, For the approximately 8 million Americans who suffer from binge eating disorder, help could be just a download away. Read More The Thinker November 07, How does a brain scientist known for discovering the neural pathway of sudden, creative insight achieve his own flashes of inspiration? October 12, The engineer of the New Jersey Transit train that crashed at Hoboken Terminal last week, killing one woman and injuring more than people, told federal investigators that he was going only 10 mph as he approached the station, but does not remember the accident.

    Read More Winter Courses September 18, Students have two great opportunities to travel to Europe over winter break in intensive courses abroad! Stateside, students can explore how they can curtail our global sustainability crisis, get down with the greatest postmodernist philosophers, or travel through time charting a path through the global history of empires and science.

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    Daly, PhD was recently awarded two, 3 year grants. Read More Know Where Your Mind is During Brain Awareness Week March 14, The Drexel Department of Psychology is hosting multiple student- and community-oriented events during Brain Awareness Week, March , with the goal to educate community members about current trends in scientific research as it relates to brain health across the lifespan and, more generally, to raise awareness about healthy brain habits. Read More Trust Your Aha! Have you maintained the willpower to eat healthy and lose weight, or did you lose all control at the first thought of a brownie sundae?

    And, even better, there may be a practical solution. Read More Arthur M. He will continue his work on the program as the first Diana A. Well, researchers at Drexel University finally have the science to support that saying — but not the way you might think. The researchers also found that increased levels of sexting were associated with greater sexual satisfaction, especially for those in a relationship.

    V!VA Tools for well-being book review

    The reason most smartphone diet apps fail has nothing to do with the diet, and little to do with the app. A team of Drexel researchers is working on a solution to the real problem: getting people to stick to their diets. Brian Daly, recently published a first author paper in the Journal of Pediatric Psychology. Read More Mapping Language in the Brain April 16, Aphasia, an impairment of language that often happens after stroke or other brain injury, affects about 1 in people, and can make it difficult to return to work and to maintain social relationships.

    A new study published in the journal Nature Communications provides a detailed brain map of language impairments in aphasia following stroke. Do you have racing thoughts at night or wake up and find it difficult to fall back to sleep? Do you feel sluggish or tired during the day? February 23, Actress Julianne Moore won an Oscar for her starring role in the drama "Still Alice" at the 87th Academy Awards last night, but did the movie accurately depict early-onset dementia?

    Actor Eddie Redmayne also received one of the coveted gold statues, but was his portrayal of Stephen Hawking's neurological disorder scientifically defensible in the biopic "The Theory of Everything"? Schwartz describes the benefits of training Drexel's clinical psychology doctoral students at the PSC, how it is an addition that strengthens an already top-notch training program, and how it is a benefit to the community at large.

    Read More Rickie Miglin Receives Emerging Scholar Fellowship January 28, Rickie Miglin, a senior undergrad and member of our research lab, was recently awarded a Emerging Scholar Fellowship by the Scattergood Foundation Active Minds Program, based in part on the senior thesis she is conducting under my supervision. Danielle Bosenbark Receives John E.

    The Psychologist Magazine August (The Psychologist 2013) The Psychologist Magazine August (The Psychologist 2013)
    The Psychologist Magazine August (The Psychologist 2013) The Psychologist Magazine August (The Psychologist 2013)
    The Psychologist Magazine August (The Psychologist 2013) The Psychologist Magazine August (The Psychologist 2013)
    The Psychologist Magazine August (The Psychologist 2013) The Psychologist Magazine August (The Psychologist 2013)
    The Psychologist Magazine August (The Psychologist 2013) The Psychologist Magazine August (The Psychologist 2013)
    The Psychologist Magazine August (The Psychologist 2013) The Psychologist Magazine August (The Psychologist 2013)
    The Psychologist Magazine August (The Psychologist 2013) The Psychologist Magazine August (The Psychologist 2013)
    The Psychologist Magazine August (The Psychologist 2013) The Psychologist Magazine August (The Psychologist 2013)
    The Psychologist Magazine August (The Psychologist 2013)

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