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But the solutions envisaged can be explosive This excerpt from Emmanuel Macron's address, recorded last Monday but not broadcast because of the Notre-Dame fire, highlights a new, unconventional axis of the President's policy, even explosive in a social context. In what form? A holiday worked for free, like what had made Pierre Raffarin then prime minister under Jacques Chirac for the financing of solidarity.

May 8, for example, for a single memorial day on November 11, the elimination of certain tax loopholes or even the decline in the legal retirement age. The subject divides the political class even among the LREMs. France is one of the countries where we work the least and one of those who redistribute the most towards the most disadvantaged. The executive will have to be convincing in the battle of working time.

The information immediately aroused an uproar, Raphaele Rabatel being the wife of Gilles Legendre, macronist of the first hour, deputy of the 2nd district of Paris and President, since the cabinet reshuffle of September , the LREM Group of the 'National Assembly.

The reasons for the bronca: the information fell in the middle of the adoption of the PACT law, which provides for the privatization of the FDJ. Adopted definitively on April 11, The weekend of week 15 was certainly put to good use to endorse the decision, in the pipes before April 11th. The phones have to heat up this weekend! The opposition has given it to heart, denouncing in bulk, serious suspicion of conflict of interest and nepotism.

In their creaky remarks, most of the opponents point out that they would never have been on the front line of criticism, if Gilles Legendre, who for months campaigned on the theme of probity and moralization of public life had been deported during the PACTE vote. Given the timetable described above, Gilles Legendre could not ignore that his wife had been approached for several weeks to occupy the post of Director of Communication and Sustainable Development at the FDJ and that this decision would be taken the day after its privatization!

New world or not, we see that the small arrangements between friends still have long life and that the arrival of Emmanuel Macron did not change anything to this unbearable phenomenon, despite the protests, the hand on the heart of the executive. Protestant of his good faith and the "proven" competence of his wife, retained by him regularly by recruiters, the Paris MP who had chosen, certainly, to formalize the appointment of his companion, has just backed down.

To put an end to the controversy, he announced today, April 15, that he had seized the deontologist of the Assembly. The position was created in April Since the passing of the law of moralisation of public life, the deontologist has a power of investigation. It will therefore be necessary to wait for the closure of his investigation. According to Gilles Legendre it would be the only way to definitively remove doubts about the conditions surrounding the vote on the law providing for the privatization of the FDJ, a vote he nevertheless participated in "forgetting to withdraw"?

Meanwhile, and to parody Arnault Montebourg, it is possible to say that the biggest fault of Gilles Legendre is his wife …. The Official Gazette OJ published on 16 March a decree which had been signed the day before by the President of the Republic and which ends the functions of Director of Active Service of the Prefecture of Police, and, Director of the Public Order and Circulation of the Prefecture of Paris occupied until that date by Alain Gibelin who is reinstated in his original body of Commissioner General of Police.

This decree gave Alain Gibelin the provisions of a decree of 16 June establishing the rank of Commissioner General of Police. The decree of March 15, has 4 lines, succinct! We purposely use the terminology "probable state" because we do not know much about what exactly happened that day. What we are sure nevertheless is that Alain Gibelin was not hospitalized in the emergency for a burn out following a heartache It will be recalled, moreover, that the decision to suspend this senior police officer was taken with complete discretion.

It will also be recalled that this decision was put on the account of the back-pedaling of the latter before the Commission of Inquiries of the National Assembly, a back-pedaling that had not been the taste of the Elysee and even less the President of the National Assembly, Richard Ferrand who for the occasion had invented the "corrigendum of declaration under oath". But it will also be recalled that Alain Gibelin was decorated with the Order of National Merit on November 5, , which decoration was given to him by Michel Delpuech, Prefect of Police of Paris, who today, at the same time as we write risk, we have just learned this moment , to be also dismissed, attacked from all sides that it is following the incidents that occurred on the Champs Elysees Saturday, March 16th.

The Fall of « Newsweek » – French-bashing gone wrong – Les décodeurs

The day of the publication by the JO of the reinstatement decree of Alain Gibelin, was also published the decree appointing Jerome Foucault to replace Alain Gibelin. Jerome Foucault is also a senior police official, heard by the Senate Investigations Committee. Alain Gibelin was, however, in the opinion of all a specialist of public order. From this point of view, one can imagine that his presence in police headquarters last Saturday, during the incidents that occurred on the Avenue des Champs Elysees could have been very useful, as could have been useful also the presence of 3 police officers , very competent, suspended in the Benalla case, all decisions that beheaded the Parisian National Police.

But the authority that sits at the Elysee since May is misguided in the words of Philippe Bilger see twitter account Philippe Bilger, former Attorney General near the Court of Appeal of Paris and it is necessary Admittedly, it was not because of the doglit reign on Paris that Alain Gibelin was sacked but because the latter had simply contradicted the Elysee Palace in the Benalla affair. Indeed, Gerard Larcher promised to convene the highest instances of the Senate on March 21, to decide whether or not the referral to the prosecution in the case of Benalla, following the report of the Senate Inquiry Commission.

All French citizens, whether they are Yellow Vests or not, are waiting with interest and impatience for the decision of the President of the Senate. Unless …. We have just announced that hand in hand, Gerard Larcher and Richard Ferrand are expected to make several trips in the coming weeks "to bring the democratic voice in this period when institutions are attacked. Their first trip is scheduled for Friday, March Their first meeting must take place at Sciences Po Lilles.

Hopefully, in the closed-door of a smoked-glass sedan or in the cabin of a Falcon aircraft, the two men will not agree It will be recalled that in September , Emmanuel Macron, himself, had telephoned Gerard Larcher, to complain about the attitude of Philippe Bas, Senator of the Channel and President of the Senate Inquiry Commission, and to solicit indulgence against Alexandre Benalla. The event took a public turn, Gerard Larcher then promised not to let insult the Senate NB At this morning, March 17, , Alain Gibelin published on his twitter account a message at the end of which he said: "To put definitely?

A term to false rumors about me, it was not terminated by the government as seems to say the media obviously not well informed. I have had a stroke for a month and will be hospitalized for several months. It is impossible for me to assume my duties. At ? Saturday is marked by renewed violence in Paris. The 18th Saturday of Yellow Vest mobilization takes place in a much more tense climate than the previous ones. Clashes take place since mid-morning in Paris in the Champs-Elysees district.

A mobilization "Act 18" of "yellow vests" sounds like an "ultimatum" for President Emmanuel Macron a day after the closing of the "great national debate". Four months of the movement. In the morning, hundreds of people converged on the Place de l'Etoile, at the top of the Champs-Elysees, in Paris. Meetings were also organized near the train stations, where protesters from all over France arrived. Eric Drouet, had indeed invited, in a video, the sympathizers to converge towards the capital, evoking even the reinforcement of sympathizers of Italy, Belgium, Netherlands or Poland.

Some dressed in yellow but others dressed in black and hooded. Clashes with the police broke out at the end of the morning. The gendarmerie's Twitter account called the "yellow vests" to "dissociate" from the thugs. The famous Le Fouquet's brewery, listed as an historic monument, was also ransacked, as well as a burned newsstand.

There are to people in Paris. Within them, more than ultras who came to break and fight. A major fire was also reported in a building on Roosevelt Avenue, near the Champs. A woman and her baby were stuck on the second floor, "said the fire department. The fire started from a bank on the ground floor. A fire that left 11 people injured, according to a provisional report. The mobilization has been declining for several weeks, but the leaders of the movement have called for a resurgence this Saturday, March 16, for "act 18" presented as that of "the ultimatum". Paris is the epicenter of the movement.

The interior minister called for "the utmost firmness". The cap of arrests in Paris has passed. Everywhere in France14, people were mobilized, including 10, in Paris, according to the Ministry of the Interior. There were 7, people across the country, including 2, in the capital, at the same time last weekend. A last demonstration of Yellow Vests before other types of actions?

In total, according to the figures of the Ministry of the Interior, 2, demonstrators were identified in Paris at 14 hours, against in the act This increase in participation is also recorded in the regions, since 7, people were counted throughout France, against 5, on March 2. While the latter evoked a "decisive act" by multiplying the various actions. Nearly four months after the beginning of the movement, the "yellow vests" did not flag but last week-end, mobilization was out of breath.

For the "act 17", the time is therefore to revive with new actions such as sit-in, flash-mob, parades with feminist collectives The cortege started at 11 am from the Champs-Elysees towards the Luxembourg Gardens. At the head, the "pink vests", these maternal assistance mobilized since February 2 against the reform of their unemployment compensation, as well as the collective 8mars15h40 which calls to wear a purple scarf to denounce pay inequalities and sexist and sexual violence.

But on the Champs-Elysees, the situation is somewhat confusing. Part of the procession did not follow the main, led by women. Many "yellow vests" remained static for several hours, before being joined a little later by protesters who had left with the first procession, after the dispersion of the latter.

The Parisian sit-in was "to set up our roundabouts in the heart of the capital, where we will be visible to all and heard," explained Priscillia Ludosky. This figure of "yellow vests" participated Saturday morning in a blocking action of the bridge of Iena with the associations on the climate. Under the Eiffel Tower, this Saturday morning, about fifty demonstrators were gathered in front of a banner half yellow, half green, proclaiming: "Climate and social justice same fight.

A sit-in that quickly turned short. Etienne, Poitiers, Quimper. Around people marched through the streets of the capital of the Haute-Loire, sometimes with projectile jets on the police. This is for the "yellow vests" to reconnect with the spirit of the beginnings, when the movement had gathered , people across France on November Scheduled on March 16, the "act XVIII" of the movement will take place the day after the official end of the great debate with the objective of bringing together "the whole of France in Paris" by way of "ultimatum" for the government.

High Commissioner Michelle Bachelet also recalled that "inequality affects all countries" and that "even in prosperous states, people feel excluded from the benefits of development and deprived of economic and social rights". However, she cited France as a prosperous country, but denounced the violent repression of recent protests in Sudan, Zimbabwe and Haiti. Would it have become a banana republic? And how many deaths since the Yellow Vests demonstrations in France? Benjamin Griveaux also recalls that " investigations were opened as of March 1".

The protesters "demand a respectful dialogue and real reforms. And yet, in many cases, they are greeted by violent and excessive use of force, by arbitrary detentions Several demonstrators claim to have been injured by launcher shots of defense LBD in France. Videos taken during events reveal particularly severe injuries, such as the loss of an eye or a hand torn off The High Commissioner for Human Rights is not the first representative of a European or international body to denounce the excessive use of force in demonstrations of "yellow vests".

However, this ballet of politics or economic leaders has not reassured the agricultural world which has been for many months in great difficulties either globally or individually for each farmer. At the end of the show, several questions remained unanswered:. This is the first item of expenditure, ie But whereas before, it was the Commission alone which controlled all the decisions of the agricultural budget, since the Parliament holds more power.

With the European elections approaching, it is easy to imagine all the interest that farmers will have in the future of the CAP and the place it will have in the proposals of the programs of the different political parties that will present lists for these elections. However, the European Commission, by voice, in the Agriculture Committee of Phil Hogan, has already developed its own proposals for the future budget of the CAP for the period The talks have already made good progress, in a period of shortfall of around 12 billion euros caused by the departure of the United Kingdom from the EU, as a consequence of Brexit.

The reduction of the CAP budget will therefore have a very negative impact on farmers' incomes The Commission is aware of this situation. Under political pressure in the run-up to the European elections, it dropped the ballast and left each country free it is not customary to increase its national contributions "to finance the aid for sustainable development, the safeguarding of diversity, product quality and societal expectations of health ". But everyone knows that the budget of France is bloodless and that the margins of action are virtually non-existent as a result of the explosion of Yellow Vests.

Offered by a farmer, promising to regulate the "population of bears and wolves pragmatically", caressing the asses of cows as the Jacques Chirac was doing In short! All in all, a vertiginous sum of gossip which has not come out very much and which leaves questions about the concrete intentions of the executive in matters of national agricultural policy. The Agriculture and Food Law promulgated on November 1, Coming into force on February 1, , the law's main objective is to prohibit the sale at cost price of appeal products Coca Cola, Ricard, Nestle, Nutella, etc.

According to the law, the resulting increase in turnover should, in theory, better pay agricultural suppliers and the work of farmers. Consumers held their breath, expecting massive increases in their shopping carts. In fact, the measure has paradoxically benefited large stores once again As a result, the peasants are still waiting for the "runoff" promised to them.

Certainly the Minister of Agriculture, has raised the tone, recently. He promised controls and sanctions But in detail, too busy also with his obsequious genuflections made to the profession during the Salon de l'Agriculture, he says he has not yet had time to deal with the problem. Farmers will wait again! The arms passes between ecology and agriculture:. Moreover, both of them having resigned in , it was hoped that the knives would return to the cupboards.

What nay! None of this happened. The duel between ecology and agriculture left more beautiful! Didier Guillaume, the new Minister of Agriculture unsheathed the first by denouncing agri-bashing. Poor farmers, drowned under the presidential logorrhea at the Salon de l'Agriculture. Poor farmers fooled once again, because as Charles Pasqua said "the promises are binding only those who receive them".

Ever since Emmanuel Macron was elected, farmers have been empty-handed, systematically. Also, suicides are linked in the countryside 1 every two days so that, vote after vote the National Gathering formerly FN reap the voices in quantity. Some claim that the movement is running out of steam. We wish that there will be no violence and especially no injuries, serious or not, today. For the President of the Republic this violence would be the sole responsibility of the protesters who should stop these demonstrations and present themselves wisely in the places where the National Debate But so far protesters "Yellow Vests" have not evaluated the situation in this form.

The most observant of them, the most insightful, just as a certain number of journalists present on the spot drew other conclusions. One of these conclusions indicates that the committed gendarmerie forces have since distinguished themselves from "police violence and their famous bounty". It is in any case the thought, heavy meaning, that has just made the Lieutenant Colonel Lefranc, in a statement published in "The letter of the friends of the Gendarmerie". It is these figures, very real, which have allowed some to affirm that during these Saturdays of demonstrations and violence, the gendarmes "who see no way out of the movement of the Yellow Vests" see Essor Review of the Gendarmerie stood out.

Better still, the gendarmes would not approve the use of the LBD which Emmanuel Macron justified the use in his interview of January 31, , "because Yellow Vests come to shoot Taking colors in the polls, the Head of State even dared this week, qualify the Yellow Vests rioters!

However, even if the Council of State validated in its decision of February 1 the use of the LBD, it is nevertheless necessary to remember that a group of experts of the UN worried about the disproportionate use of the LBD in France, the Council of Europe, for its part, having called for suspending this use! France, a country of freedom and human rights is therefore nothing exemplary at the moment and that is what would probably justify the position of the gendarmerie forces in the successive episodes of Yellow Vests.

To ensure this analysis, we have taken the history of the beginning of the five-year period of Emmanuel Macron in his relations with the Army, knowing that the Gendarmerie is an Army Corps. On July 14, , a significant incident occurred. The Patrouille de France passes over the Champs Elysee with a tricolor very singular flag that none have decoded in figures: Panic at the highest level of the state which is reinforced "when uncultivated people, poor people and nothings" start demonstrating by blocking roads and highways. The swagger of the Elysee who had cried out last summer "they come to get me" immediately became afraid.

The answer falls dry: the General Staff will not engage the troupe against the People of France. These historical episodes are meaningful! The end of the first half of the Yellow Vests game will be whistled in the aftermath of April 15, when the executive's proposals "drawn" from the analysis of the grievance books opened since December 15, will fall. To be continued … Everyone is wondering how President Macron's prolific speech will be accounted for in the big debate. And for good reason: When Emmanuel Macron speaks in the context of the great debate, his time must be counted because it falls within the framework of what the CSA calls "the debate of national policy".

Only his regal interventions do not fall within this field of counting. And info channels devote time to big masses, sometimes broadcasting them in their entirety. The National Front, the Republicans, insubordinate France and recently the Socialist Party have seized the CSA denouncing all a distortion of speaking time with a much too unbalanced airtime in favor of the President of the Republic and his majority.

The rule in force which applies since January 1, , outside the electoral period, as is the case for Europeans only opening in April, is as follows:. Speaking time is broken down into one-third for the executive president, prime minister, ministers and their collaborators and two-thirds for political parties according to election results, the number of elected officials and polls. And the balance demanded of the media must be respected not on a week but on a quarter based on a monthly count sent by the chains to the CSA.

At the beginning of March the figures of December are not yet communicated When are the figures for the months of January and February? Not before the Europeans, it seems The French government is still waiting for a DNA analysis to formalize his death. The French authorities have not officially confirmed the death of Fabien Clain. If this is the case, the French who remember his calls for murder and his role in the pseudo-Islamic state, will surely be relieved.

We remain vigilant, this information is not confirmed, "she added. The Clain brothers were quickly identified in the claim of the Islamic State group after the attacks of 13 November in Paris as the voices of the message. Fabien Clain, 41, was the voice of the terrorist group's sound message broadcast in the aftermath of the attacks perpetrated by three commandos of men returning from Syria. His brother Jean-Michel, 38, had been recognized in the Anasheeds - religious songs - of the recording.

Veterans of the jihad, they were in the sights of anti-terrorist services for years. After demonstrating their involvement in the attacks of November, the investigating judges issued an arrest warrant against them in June Many "high value" targets were reportedly killed by the French or American army on the spot. A large part of Edouard Philippe's government was there, even though the President of the Republic, Emmanuel Macron, had decided not to open the march. All the protesters present called for firmness following the latest violent anti-Semitic acts that France has just known.

Textes religieux anciens et Sciences Humaines et Sociales

All also shared the fear, anger or outrage aroused by these acts. Everything started with insults addressed to Alain Finkielkraut, who returned home after having lunch with the family at the restaurant was found by the greatest chance in front of a group of yellow jackets the previous Sunday.

The desecration the same day of a hundred graves of the Jewish Cemetery Quatzenhein, a small village located north west of Strasbourg was also in all heads because of the swastikas that had been discovered there. It is also in this small village, inside the cemetery that the Head of State had chosen to meet the Jewish community. In front of the sawn and bare trunk of the tree planted in memory of Ilan Halimi, Christophe Castaner denounced that day "the winds of anti-Semitism that spreads like a poison".

As our excellent colleague, Elisabeth Levy has just stated, the evening was "a festival of republican proclamations". But after all, she added, "any excess of feelings in this area is better than indifference. But under the background of "kiss us crazy city" there was still a lot of hiccups! So, in the face of the unitary display and the purity of the cause, many questions arose as to where this resurgence of anti-Semitism came from?

Of course, and since they have been disturbing for several weeks, Yellow Jackets have been accused. Behind this one, there is only one face, cowardly, racist, anti-Semitic , putschist "he had written then. Just that! Benjamin Grivaux in the text, mixing insult and foolishness! But also a tweet expressing the hypocrisy that dominates in France in the heavy atmosphere and aggressiveness that prevails in France.

Because what has actually happened these days, with the aggression of an immense man of culture and academician that is Alain Finkielkraut, who from the very beginning had declared to support the movement of Yellow Vests, which comes from to appear in full light, it is indeed the Islamic anti-Semitism, that some describes as gaucho-islamist.

This ideology is consubstantial with post-modern cultural leftism, well analyzed by Jean Pierre Le Goff. This gaucho-Islamist is the one who killed Ilan Halimi and led the left to close his eyes for years? We must also remember that the left, all the left, socialist and related had not supported Alain Finkielkraut in ! She had even dragged him into the mud, following the riots in which he had denounced, already, the ethnic and religious aspects of these intifadas imported on the national territory.

By laziness? By clientelism? For it must not be forgotten that Emmanuel Macron himself had appealed to the suburban Muslim communities through imams. A support that had been very useful, while the one, who is now Head of State, deliberately gave up evaluating whether these supports came from a communitarian ideology that as a "red plague" had developed in suburbs, but also in nurseries see Baby Lou case , schools, colleges, high schools, swimming pools, the street with the identity veil , the subway, trains and even in companies obliged by new legislation, to accept the hours of prayer during working hours or even to create, to help, rooms of worship The researcher recently stated with aplomb "that he did not know an antisemite with a left spine"!

At the same time, the same researcher considers that the events in the Middle East and the Israeli-Palestinian conflict are not responsible for the antisemitic background noise that has been heard for many years. Understand that, especially since yesterday, Marlene Schiappa went there, too, of her diatribe by declaring that "she wanted to emphasize the existence of an ideological convergence between the Manif For All and the terrorist attacks".

If ridicule killed, she would be dead! On the other hand, what many of us are beginning to understand is that the dominant LA, which has been insinuating since the end of the war, is globalist and standardizing, is certainly not the one all citizens of the world, including Isalmists, want. The vast majority of Yellow Vests, non-racist and non-anti-Semitic, seemed to have understood that the LAW that crushes, impoverishes, enslaves, excludes, crushes is increasingly challenged.

Unfortunately, the return to the forefront of anti-Semitism, "brown plague" for the current majority will inevitably stifle their movement, because of discredited by some "hate Islamists" creating the scandal. In this ideological maelstrom and like Elisabeth Levy we will have a thought for other groups like the Catholics who also come to suffer terrible images of soiled altars, broken or degraded statues and tabernacles dumped, and this when even though or because the newspapers have not made their own on these supposedly diverse facts, more than sad for them.

In their great majority, the French agnostics, Catholics, Protestants, are all in spite of themselves embarked in the Macronist boat which rocks and which could possibly be sinking unless the French wake up? To conclude and once again we will repeat the words of Elizabeth Levy who "believes that anti-Semitism today is more a red plague color blood of Islamist attacks than a brown plague. In any case, we will not end without having given our full support to Alain Finkielkraut. Justice is interested in two statements by Alexander Benalla, according to a source close to the survey.

The first is the disappearance of the safe that he owned at his home for his weapons. This safe "had to be taken to a safe place by a person but it was not me who took care of that," he told investigators on July The former collaborator of Emmanuel Macron says in this exchange:. You erased everything in your phone?

The announcement of the opening of this inquiry comes a few hours after the Senate Law Commission delivered its report. Justice must work. This commission calls to seize justice suspecting Alexandre Benalla and Vincent Crase to have lied and three collaborators of Emmanuel Macron to have omitted certain elements voluntarily. This is evidenced by the European barometer of the EU. This phenomenon is not recent and is not unique to France. The situation in other European countries is not good either. Germany is no more spared: in , the Ministry of the Interior has noted an increase in anti-Semitic acts.

Faced with the worsening of the situation, Germany appointed in May the lawyer and diplomat Felix Klein as the head of the fight against anti-Semitism with the federal government. In Poland, on 27 January, the extreme right organized for the first time a demonstration on the site of Auschwitz-Birkenau on the occasion of the annual day in memory of the victims where dozens of Polish nationalists had gathered.

Across Europe, far-right political parties are accused of fanning anti-Semitism. In the image of the AfD in Germany, several leaders were criticized for making statements pretending to minimize the Holocaust. According to the anti-Semitism barometer of the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights, published in November , the outbreak of anti-Semitism was almost universal in Europe between and , with outbreaks simultaneous measures that are not exactly the same from one country to another.

Last January, the Israeli Minister of the Diaspora, Naftali Bennett denounced an increase of these phenomena in the world. Violence against Jews in Europe can therefore be correlated with Israeli - Palestinian tensions such as the summer of the "Gaza war", or that of The Israeli report also highlights the number of anti-Semitic acts attributed to neo-Nazis and white supremacists. Every year, since , in its annual report, the National Consultative Commission for Human Rights has pointed out that the perpetrators of anti-Semitic acts no longer belong, "the great majority of them to groups influenced in a significant way by extremist ideology of the right, but to the backgrounds of Arab-Muslim origin ".

There is a sense of insecurity in Europe's Jewish communities: "Jewish communities too often live in fear of being discriminated against, abused and even abused," said the First Vice President of Commission, Frans Timmermans. The Constitutional Council comprises 9 members, plus one ex officio member, Valery Giscard d'Estaing, in his capacity as former President of the Republic.

It was necessary at the beginning of the year to appoint 3 new "magistrates" to replace those positioned on the starting line or deceased. According to the Constitution, the power of appointment belongs to:. The fireworks of the critics began the day after the announcement with, the first of them, that we had to notice, namely that of Nicolas Canteloup who did not hesitate to qualify " this democratic bug, agree between reprinted justice ".

The Constitutional Council is, it is true, in the process of becoming a political cemetery where we recase the friends or those who we wish to see definitively leave the political life or those who through the questions submitted could make the decisions expected by the power. Bordeaux have seen red for many weeks. The news fell by means of a sober statement made by the person concerned to the press on 14 February.

Even his closest associates were not, it seems, in the secret. In their vast majority the Bordelais were not aware too. Yet there had been some early warning signs. The President of the National Assembly who wanted to "make a coup" remained deaf to the recommendations of the Elysee who also organized a game of musical chairs. Alain Juppe will therefore land on rue Montpensier where he will sit alongside Laurent Fabius, the current President of the Constitutional Council, also convicted in the case of tainted blood. Yet the two men had lunch together on Tuesday, February 12th?

And from this point of view, it will be noted that the one who was "the best of us" is demonstrating the opposite of Edouard Herriot's famous formula "the intelligent man is the one who measures that he can understand. Good luck, Mr. Towards an exhaustion of mobilization. The mobilization decreases overall every Saturday since mid-January.

According to the authorities' figures, on 19 January the number of "yellow vests" reached 84,, they were 69, on January 26, then 58, on February 2 and finally 51, people on February 9. Figures, however, contest the "yellow vests" that had identified Saturday, February 9 at least , protesters.

A feeling of weariness among the French. In the same way, the debate responds to this demand to be heard and to express oneself. In addition, acts of violence are condemned by the population. Even if the tension seemed to diminish 26 people were arrested Saturday in Paris. Clashes took place in Bordeaux, Toulouse, Nantes and Lyon. In Paris, the writer and essayist Alain Finkielkraut suffered anti-Semitic insults. Moreover, the movement is struggling to find a unity.

The "yellow vest" Ingrid Levavasseur announced on Wednesday 13 February that she was abandoning the list of the "Citizens' Initiative Rally" RIC she wanted to run for the European elections, explaining that she wanted to "get back on track" and " smooth the name RIC "without, however," giving up ". This is not the first time that the RIC list has known since its debut in January some disappointments. Hayk Shahinyan, had announced "take a step back" at the end of January by renouncing his role as director of the campaign.

Two members of the list then announced to give up. On January 31, it was Brigitte Lapeyronie who was deploring "that his application to the European forces him to abandon the defense of employees. Thus emerging figures are challenged or deemed unrepresentative. The movement is struggling to structure itself politically: four lists of "yellow vests" were announced in early February for the European elections none being complete.

Asked about possible divisions that led to this decision, the 31 year old caregiver said: "Absolutely not, I have companions who follow me, we just smooth the name RIC and we start on a good basis". Who for a head of the list? Is not that a little premature? Difficult to find political solutions The Ministry of the Interior, which appears to be the only one to have reliable metering measuring instruments, has counted A figure that according to government analysts shows a decline in mobilization.

The Yellow Vests and their supporters have for their part counted participants throughout France, yesterday, Saturday, February 9, ! A figure similar to that of last week that does not allow to say that the movement is weakening! Leaving the Place de l'Etoile around am, the Parisian motorcade was once again hit by the police. The first tensions occurred at the level of the National Assembly around 1 pm. At jets street furniture the police responded with jets of tear gas. Seen from abroad, it was perfectly possible to wonder if Paris Brulait?

The movement of Yellow Vests would give some signs of shortness of breath? Nothing is less certain? The movement is still largely supported by French public opinion. This poll shows that even if tensions remain all weekend due to? Yellow Vests, the situation is not rotten. According to the tenor of the French right, the responsibility for this rottenness should be on the account of Emmanuel Macron and his governmen t.

But the Quai d'Orsay had already denounced Thursday an "unacceptable provocation" after a meeting in France on the sly, t he day before, between the Vice-President of the Italian Council and political leader of the Movement 5 Stars, Luigi Di Maio, and extremist representatives "yellow vests", mobilized for several weeks against President Emmanuel Macron.

Di Maio seeking to unite the anti-elites for the Europeans They violate the respect due to the democratic choice, made by a friendly and allied people. The strong man of the Conte Matteo Salvini government had hoped that the French people would soon be released from a "very bad president", utterly unpublished remarks by leaders of the founding countries of the European Union.

The Italian interior minister is trying to organize a far-right European front against pro-Europeans, notably the French head of state, in view of the 26 May poll. Today, Matteo Salvini, Minister of the Interior and boss of the Italian far right, reacted to the French ambassador's recall for consultations, assuring that the Rome government did not want controversy. If the strength of the French reaction has been surprising, since the recall of an ambassador of France in Italy is unprecedented since , this reaction, in the diplomatic scale, is proportionate.

The French ambassador to Rome returned to Paris for "consultations". The recall is first of all symbolic and constitutes the first step towards freezing or breaking off diplomatic relations between two countries. This French reminder is not a first. Generally, ambassador reminders are not surprising. They can be done but they are more rare, on the other hand, between European countries. However, this escalation between two founding member states of the European Union is unprecedented and indicative of the deep political clash that has been undermining Europe for more than three years.

With this reminder, the "United Europe" takes a serious blow three months on the back of elections to the European Parliament on May The chapter which has been open for a few days now leads us to renumber the episodes, it being specified that, considering the turn that the affair has just taken, we will probably have to come back to it. The National Financial Procuratorate has opened, this Thursday, February 7, , a corruption investigation concerning the signing of a contract negotiated by Alexander Benalla with a Russian oligarch.

The oligarch concerned is a certain Iskander Makhmudov, close to Vladimir Putin. Iskander Makhmudov is suspected of having links with the Russian mafia. The recording is overwhelming. It is even more damning that on July 26, , the judicial control of Alexandre Benalla and Bertrand Crase formally forbade them to see each other. However, on this occasion we have just discovered a central character in the case of Benalla, a character whose name had never appeared before. It's about year-old Chokri Wakrim, a soldier who is said to be "the course would be opaque".

We fell from the chair, taking cognizance of the first elements of Liberation's investigation, which indicates that Chokri Wakrim, first introduced and sober as a friend, is none other than the companion of Marie Elodie Poitout, the head of the Safety of Matignon, promoted to Divisional Commissioner in January Several documents consulted by our colleague attest to the proximity between Chokri Wakrim and Alexandre Benalla. On this last blow, Matignon nevertheless claims to be transparent? Assuring, in the face of the controversy born of the celerity with which the Paris Public Prosecutor's Office began its investigation, that no instruction had been given in this sense.

The resignation February 7 of Marie Elodie Poitout who has been on all trips abroad of the Prime Minister however shows that the situation becomes "critical". At the Elysee as at Matignon we cut the branches at high speed! Despite this, the head of Security said "remained serene"? She just said that she just wanted to protect Edouard Philippe, which did not convince!

This is the reason why it is difficult to believe that Matignon knew nothing and many people are already questioning "the truth" of Edouard Philippe! The Benalla affair is starting to make an ugly plaster. But the sewage odors that the successive sequences of the Benalla Affair release, begin to become heavy. The latest twists have tainted the Executive as Justice. Therefore, it seems that we will certainly have the opportunity very soon to write the scene 2 of Act II, the malice of macronist power seemingly endless ……..

French aviation has indeed carried out several raids since last weekend in northern Chad. These raids took place east of the Tibesti Massif in the Ennedi region. A statement issued by the French army staff on Wednesday, February 6, acknowledges that "from February 3 to 6, , Mirage of the French armed forces intervened [in the] north-east of Chad, in coordination with the Chadian army, so as to counter the incursion of an armed column from Libya into Chadian territory ".

In total, French fighter planes reportedly conducted about 20 strikes, according to a military source, and destroyed some 20 vehicles that can transport up to 10 fighters each. Legal framework of intervention. The head of the government invoked article 35 of the Constitution which defines the conditions for the implementation of the war and the intervention of armed forces abroad.

This clarification aims to remove the ambiguity on the legality of the French intervention. Officially, the two countries are bound by a "technical military cooperation agreement" dating back to and which allows the French military to intervene only if requested. Technically, these operations in Chad are therefore not part of the fight against terrorism and as part of Operation Barkhane.

It is therefore a French intervention in support of an allied regime, in accordance with the rules of international humanitarian law, as specified by the Ministry of the Armed Forces. Risk of destabilization of Chad and Barkham operation. The critics have quickly rocketed. Interference, defense of a corrupt regime estimate Chadian opponents and French elected officials. But the intervention of the French army aims to avoid the destabilization of Chad by the entry of these rebels.

The Chadian armed forces are an essential partner of France in the fight against terrorism, both in Mali, within the Minusma, and in the joint force of G5 Sahel through its commitment against Boko Haram [ present in Cameroon, Niger and Nigeria], "said the EMA, without mentioning who was the target. They wanted to establish a rear base in northeastern Chad or Sudan. But "since President [Deby] proposed [in ] an amnesty to rebels who lay down arms, we consider that there are no more rebels in Chad, but only outlaws, mercenaries and terrorists, "said the spokesman for the government.

Reinforced French device. The tactical French strike force is considerable. One of the French Reaper drones took part in the actions, providing real-time information on the location and movements of rebel columns. Several drones were mobilized to ensure the permanence of the ISR watch over northern Chad. Fifty years after Operation Limousin, France continues to fly to the aid of the Chadian regime.

Will there be or will there not be a referendum on May 26, , the day of European elections? What does Emmanuel Macron really have in mind today on this issue? The only thing we can say today is that the government is thinking strongly about this solution to get out of the crisis resulting from the popular revolt of Yellow Vests just offset by the yellow scarves. To interpret, we have been forced for some days to rely on confidences cleverly distilled by some close to the President of the Republic or by some learned analysts whose views are often diametrically opposed.

We only know that these confidences are based on the information that the Ministry of the Interior has spoken, late last week with printers and paper manufacturers, "to be caught off guard and be ready the D-day because the final decision will have to be taken very quickly ". We will analyze only the political and legal opinions including those of some who believe that the rapid organization of a referendum would be an asset for Emmanuel Macron, heckled by a public opinion that overwhelmingly has continued to show his anger. The sling of Yellow Vests and the rage she caused to emerge throughout France had caused Emmanuel Macron to lose the first round.

979-... ISBNs

The Great Debate, widely relayed by the media, especially those in power, and the main issues he has emerged have convinced, he seems to the Head of State and prepare the beautiful by organizing to do this. Technically and practically the choice of this date would have advantages. Voters would only have to move once and the organizing councils could limit the material and human burden of their organization. And the arguments are not lacking!

In the first place, because the results of the Great Debate, which began on December 15, , must be published between March 9 and 16, via general meetings of citizens drawn by lot. So we do not really know what are the major issues that will come out of the debate and what will be the issues to be included in the referendum.

Knowing that Christophe Castaner, the Minister of the Interior pleads for a referendum with multiple questions a QCM of Sciences Po the time available to organize the campaign risk the day after March 16 to be too short! Moreover, and given that in general, a referendum is a very strong citizen moment it will be necessary that the value of the questions is powerful enough that the result generates something that is not binary and the stake would be summed up to be for or against the line of the President of the Republic.

But even on this point, the analyzes diverge! On the occasion of his informal and unexpected interview last Friday, February 2, , Emmanuel Macron did not close the door to a referendum to be held on May 26, , "to encourage openness to permanent public deliberation". In the presidential camp, moreover, some voices were raised to say that the bet was risky.

The main risk could be abstention. The fiercest opponents denounce a political maneuver and a political calculation! The opposition forces as a whole denounce the circle and one more smoking. Yesterday, Tuesday, February 5, two senators have addressed Prime Minister Edouard Philippe present during the current affairs. On this occasion, Edouard Philippe was cautious "in the face of the possibility of a referendum on the day of the European elections which would have the main drawback of calling into question the clarity of the debate on Europe".

For Edouard Philippe France has everything to gain from a clear European debate. A number of arguments are perfectly legitimate. Edouard Philippe also said that nothing had been decided and that the reflection and consultations were continuing! It was nevertheless understood on this occasion that there would be more than the thickness of a sheet of cigarette paper between the Elysee and Matignon on the subject.

The appetite for the debate that currently animates French citizens, Yellow Vests or not, advocates for the rapid holding of a referendum, May 26, for example. But this referendum could be risky with regard to the political survival of Emmanuel Macron. The international visibility of the latter had become enormous, with a highlight at the time of the World Expo in Milan.

This success gave the impression that nothing was impossible for him, a perception comparable to that of the Elysee at this moment. The French executive should ponder the Italian example, with Italy becoming the laboratory of Europe. In a few weeks, the wife of the President of the Republic was put on the spot by shock revelations or derogatory comments.

Brigitte Macron has formally denied but her allegations have aroused strong reactions including "some were linked to the arrest of Eric Drouet and the desire to quell the scandal". It will be remembered that in full Benalla business, the First Lady, very very annoyed, had left the Elysee to take refuge in his villa Le Touquet. She had then made the choice to remain lurking in the shadows and not to be noticed, while still declaring "that she had been stunned" by this business "that she had not seen coming The First Lady is since, more and more in retreat, even if she says she is solid and "armored".

She was nevertheless very shocked by the surge of hatred against them. She lives very badly this situation and no longer looks at the social accounts. To stay informed and she is! She listens to the radio and watches television. Less golden, brighter But the cost went wrong in full sequence of yellow vests. Social networks exclaimed by noting that the tapestries of the Gobelins had disappeared and pointing out that now this famous piece looked like a station hall or, worse, a funeral parlor.

It is true that the gray which is dominant and which was the favorite color of Marie Antoinette had not succeeded to the wife of Louis XVI! Brigitte Macron was again criticized on the occasion of the official trip to Egypt of her husband, whom she accompanied.

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Past official ceremonies, the couple went to visit the Grand Temple of Abu Simbel. Wearing a mouse gray trousers? Brigitte Macron immediately protested, indicating that these sneakers were lent and that they were intended to highlight the French creators. That does not seem to have convinced you?

The book was written by two journalists Ava Djamshide and Nathalie Schuk. Good leaves have already been released on newsstands on February 1 Elle. This book will rehabilitate may be Brigitte Macron, now also very attacked and who shows, usually according to his relatives of a usually disarming natural. Moreover, we will know more quickly about the role or roles she plays with her husband: Amante! We already know that, according to Philippe de Villiers, she would be the woman who breathes in the ear of the artist.

To be continued! Every Saturday, tens of thousands of people wear "yellow vests" who gather in France: they claim more purchasing power and denounce the government policy. This is confirmed by the militant group "Disarm them". As much as they are to parade, they denounce the use of these weapons by the police while denouncing "police violence".

The government, for its part, defends the need for these weapons to avoid violent direct contacts and more injuries between protesters and law enforcement. They still have the body-to-body or their service weapon. I do not wish that they use their service weapon, and I wish to avoid the body-to-body. And the Council of State, seized in urgency, to reject Friday the requests for suspension of the use of the launcher of defense balls LBD , believing that the risk of violence made it "necessary to allow the police to use these weapons.

While the mobilization is declining in Paris, it remains strong in several provincial cities, including Toulouse and Bordeaux. In Valencia, where Emmanuel Macron had moved on January 24, the authorities expect "between 8, and 10, protesters" for a "regional march" scheduled for Saturday afternoon. Alain Gibelin is the high-ranking police officer who made revelations about the Benalla case before the Parliamentary Inquiry Commission, "swearing" all the people questioned were sworn to tell the truth , wooden cross, cross iron, that his word had more weight than that of Alexander Benalla.

Christnacht: Ein deutsches Weihnachtsliederspiel nach oberbayerischen und tiroler Weisen. Chor unisono, Volksgesang mit Orgel oder Orchester oder Blasorchester. Band 3. Bei Tag und Nacht: 3 Volkslieder. Frohe Weihnacht: Eine Sammlung von 40 der bekanntesten Weihnachtslieder. Danses concertantes: Kammerorchester. Musik unserer Zeit. Akkordeon M II. Tenor, Gitarre und 8 Solo-Instrumente. Morgen kommt der Weihnachtsmann: 33 beliebte Weihnachtslieder sehr leicht. Morgen kommt der Weihnachtsmann: 33 beliebte Weihnachtslieder.

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Le règne du mépris (TOUC.ENQUETES) (French Edition) Le règne du mépris (TOUC.ENQUETES) (French Edition)
Le règne du mépris (TOUC.ENQUETES) (French Edition) Le règne du mépris (TOUC.ENQUETES) (French Edition)
Le règne du mépris (TOUC.ENQUETES) (French Edition) Le règne du mépris (TOUC.ENQUETES) (French Edition)
Le règne du mépris (TOUC.ENQUETES) (French Edition) Le règne du mépris (TOUC.ENQUETES) (French Edition)
Le règne du mépris (TOUC.ENQUETES) (French Edition) Le règne du mépris (TOUC.ENQUETES) (French Edition)
Le règne du mépris (TOUC.ENQUETES) (French Edition) Le règne du mépris (TOUC.ENQUETES) (French Edition)
Le règne du mépris (TOUC.ENQUETES) (French Edition) Le règne du mépris (TOUC.ENQUETES) (French Edition)

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