Muslime in Österreich: Geschichte - Lebenswelt - Religion. Grundlagen für den Dialog (German Edition)

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The most important events of the project were:

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The individual, isolated image has had its day; instead, photographs appear as part of chains of communication and relationship networks. On social media and in messenger services like WhatsApp and Snapchat, a photo often says more than a thousand words, or characters—it calls for a response, it gets liked, hated, and reshared. As memes, images spread across the Internet like a virus, are modified by users, and released back into orbit.

Their natural state is one of circulation. Google searches never bring to light just one image from the Internet archives but hundreds of them. Every photo on Facebook or Instagram is organized in an online biography and linked with a hashtag to a host of other images. No image is an island. Bubbling universes The emergence of social networks has led to a multiplicity of events on a scale never seen before.

The unchecked proliferation of information has now reached an astonishing level and is stored in an unprecedented amount of storage, accessed by thousands of networked data devices. This exponential increase in accessible information overwhelms us all in an incessant and overwhelming flow of concepts, images, opinions and desires.

No one is exempt from this cross-contamination, no discipline succeeds in remaining within set boundaries. The proliferation of worlds and tendencies carries us into an indeterminate plurality. All and everything is expanding, like a star in its Red Giant phase, ready to explode at any time. What was immense and infinite has become small when faced with the multiverse.

We live in an age of bubbling universes. The essays present the works from different research perspectives, thus enabling a broad overview of current trends in a media art based on virtual reality technologies. The latest virtual-reality technologies are asserting themselves currently in the domain of the fine arts and facilitating an immersion in artificial worlds.

The works presented in this publication deal with multifaceted themes, such as physical per-ception and physical laws, societal structures as well as architecture and poetry. Seit jeher experimentiert der Mensch mit dem Eintauchen in andere Welten. Im Zentrum steht dabei immer der Betrachter, der sich direkt, und nicht durch einen Rahmen abgetrennt, mit dem Gezeigten auseinandersetzt. From creati ve subversion of technology to explicit political signifiers — Stephan Schwingeler Interview: Conversations with Artists — Hyejin Park.

New strategies in gaming are based on artistic research in the growing fields of audio-visual media. Computer games reflect and analyze the function and structure of our societies. The exhibition New Gameplay is comprised of six sections, presenting works of game art ranging from art that has computer games as its subject to computer games designed by artists. Classic media art and video games will also be a part of this engaging dialogue. One area of focus is dedicated to independent and serious games, which have distinguished themselves by their particularly innovative game ideas, interesting experimental claims, and unique consciousness of their own means and forms of expression.

Exhibition Expanded Media, Kunstbezirk Stuttgart Artistic works from the competitions Media in Space and Network Culture are on display, which includes cross-border formats such as performance, installation, Expanded Cinema and Net Art like interactive web or social web projects or interventions at public and virtual spaces. Cinnamon Colomboscope is a contemporary and multidisciplinary arts festival that takes place in Colombo, Sri Lanka. The festival has always had a legacy of challenging how we view art, by presenting works in venues that are not traditional exhibition or performance spaces.

The idea of using art to draw audiences into different parts of the city is the trademark of the Colomboscope festival. Artists reacted to this new development in two main ways: either by collaborating with engineers or by learning to use the new techniques themselves.

This new undertaking also forced the artist to make an ideological choice: proceed with the idea of art as causa mentale, or consider finding new ways to master the technology and submit it to their artistic needs. In practice of course, this pas de deux was not as straightforward and, over time, many different exchanges and interweavings saw flourishing. This book aims to provide an overview of the most relevant authors, exhibitions, events and places. In addition, it provides insights into the new data world — whose existence has been finally brought home to the general public, through the NSA affair.

Today, people live in a globally interconnected world in which the biosphere and the infosphere are interfused and interdependent. The Earth is surrounded by a layer of gases which we call the atmosphere. It is the product of photosynthesis, of algae working for millions of years, converting light energy from the sun into air. Thus the atmosphere is essential for most living organisms, including people.

For around years now, we have been surrounded by an infosphere, as well. With this neologism the technical network is meant, consisting of telegraphy, telephony, television, radio, radar, satellites, and the Internet, which covers the globe and enables global exchange of data as well as the organization of transport for people and goods. Without the global traffic in data, goods, and passengers it would be impossible to meet the biological and social needs and aspirations of over seven billion people. In the nineteenth century, new transport routes and paths of communication were developed through machines operating on land, sea, and in the air.

In the years to , Heinrich Hertz conducted experiments proving the existence of electromagnetic waves and demonstrating that light consists of these electromagnetic waves. With this discovery, the age of wireless communication began, which enabled message and messenger to be separated: Henceforth data could travel through space without the body of a messenger. In the twentieth century, this resulted in a densely interconnected communication and information network of mobile media: the infosphere — an envelope of radio waves surrounding the Earth.

Using artificial, technical organs human beings can, for the first time, use electromagnetic waves for the wireless transmission of words, images, and other data — waves for which humans do not actually possess a sensorium. The social media, which have changed our daily lives, are a part of these technological networks. Now that the alphabetic code has been supplemented by the numeric code, algorithms constitute a fundamental element of our social order — from stock exchanges to airports.

Against this backdrop, contemporary art operating in the thematic field of big data is especially significant. Description Knowledge is power. And power is possessed especially by whoever controls the flow of information. This applies particularly in digital culture, where all the information in the World Wide Web can be manipulated, uncontrolled. For a long time, a hope for new forms of democratic participation arose from the use of these digital instruments, but recently they have been misused as the ideal door opener for the surveillance of billions of people.

Besides mass analysis of communications metadata and massive access to personal data, there is increasingly open or clandestine censorship through manipulation or shutting down. Where the fear of this threat has no effect, the secrecy of important information is enforced, with methods ranging from hindering publication to kidnapping and assassinating journalists. Being at the mercy of overwhelmingly powerful authorities of control and censorship has become the conditio humana of our time.

Today a large part of the public has already resigned in the face of a ubiquitous state and commercial surveillance. This exhibition is based on the collaboration with a network of scientists, journalists, activists, and artists in some twenty countries around the world, and in cooperation with expert organizations such as the German PEN Center, the Chaos Computer Club, Reporters Without Borders, and such platforms as netzpolitik.

Poetics and Politics of Data reflects life in a world increasingly controlled by data and presents artistic positions that aim to make continuous streams of data visible — whether using Internet-based installations or graphic data visualizations. The participating artists question the relevance and place of the individual in a technologically connected society in which every day, each of us generates a nearly incomprehensible amount of data: Our every move on the Internet leaves behind a digital trace.

This is a solid publication that goes beyond its simple role of being an art catalogue. Curator Sabine Himmelsbach. The Japan Media Arts Festival is a comprehensive festival of Media Arts Media Geijutsu that honors outstanding works from a diverse range of media — from animation and comics to media art and games. The festival gives awards in each of its four divisions: Art, Entertainment, Animation, and Manga. It also provides a platform for appreciation of the award-winning and other notable works.

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The exhibition presents the Award-winning Works from the four divisions of Art, Entertainment, Animation and Manga, chosen by the jury from among a record number of 3, entries from 71 countries and regions. The winners of Special Achievement Awards will also be shown. The Award-winning Works, selected after a rigorous judging process, reflect the most recent trends in their respective fields. Sie sehen, wie in nanotechnologischen Fabriken aus dem Feind CO2 der Freund gemacht wird, indem das Oxygen vom Kohlenstoff abgespalten und zur Erzeugung synthetischer Brennstoffe verwendet wird. Jahrhunderts — erschaffen von einer neuen Allianz zwischen Kunst und Wissenschaft, der Renaissance 2.

Renaissance 2. Birth of a Museum: Documenting the Construction of MMCA, Seoul MMCA presents five special exhibitions on the occasion of her inauguration that anticipate the vision and direction of the new museum, introducing artworks by approximately artists in seven disciplines. The exhibition represents a fresh inquiry into the ways in which our individual values and ideas may erupt into the world, igniting communication and forcing us to reassess the value of art in any given era or society. Ions of convergence and synthesis between disciplines. In the marvelous new venue. Exhibiton: Generation i.

Worldwide networking creates new, global aesthetic tendencies: that is the tenor of this exhibition. It presents a selection of outstanding key works by international artists of the five continents. Inspired by applied, formal, and aesthetic qualities, the artists deal with the exploration of the opportunities and risks associated with these new resources, which are brought to bear in the various arts presented in this exhibition: painting, drawing, photography, interactive installations, and video art. The selection includes works in formats such as video sculpture, video art, video performance, video installation, audiovisual installation, interactive installation, and interactive sound installation.

A widely used concept in the field of contemporary art, intervention usually stands for interference, manipulation and interaction between oeuvre and audience. Die Auswahl der Werke umfasst Formate wie Video-Skulptur oder Videokunst, aber auch Videoinstallation, audiovisuelle oder interaktive Installation und Klanginstallation. The Project digital art conservation. Are you born-digital? This could be the ultimate, decisive question in the future when it comes to preserving and making the art of our time accessible for future generations.

The book presents the results of the digital art conservation project that was conceived at the ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe in It includes text contributions by major theorists, restorers, programmers, and artists as well as case studies. It is designed to foster the international debate on the conservation of digital art.

Das Projekt digital art conservation. Le Projet digital art conservation. Neckar-Vlg Sammelmappe 24,5 x 32,5 cm, inkl. Meisterwerke der Medienkunst Marc Lee geb. The gateways catalogue introduces artists whose works deal with the changed conditions of an interconnected world that increasingly is influenced by media. The exhibition gateways. Art and Networked Culture introduces a young generation of artists whose work deals with the changing conditions of a networked world — a world increasingly transmitted through media.

The artistic works presented here use various means to tackle the theme of gateways that lead to realms of action and experience in our digitally interconnected culture. Through their use of electronic networks and mobile technologies, the artists encourage the public to participate actively and transport new experiences in perception. Artists 10 Herbert W.

Soll sie zu Revolutionen anstiften und Menschen dazu bewegen, sich zur Wehr zu setzen? Hildegard Fraueneder, geboren , Kunstwissenschaftlerin und Ausstellungskuratorin. Leiterin der Galerie in Salzburg. Gianni Stiletto, geboren , freier Komponist und Keyboarder. In the publication Owning Online Art — Selling and Collecting Netbased Artworks, art historians discuss the critical positioning of selected works of net art Rachel Mader and approach questions on the relationship between internet art and the art market from the standpoint of the history of media Peter Schneemann.

Using the example of specific works, artists discuss aspects of the materiality of net-based art Markus Schwander and reflect on their experience with curators and collectors, as well as with the issues of the commercialisation and conservation of net art Olia Lialina, Carlo Zanni.

Our research partner, the AktiveArchive project contributed its expertise in the areas of documentation, conservation and restoration of electronic art and discussed solutions for the restoration of net-based works Tabea Lurk. A number of different economies can be applied to the issue of the relationship between net-based art and the art market: the economies of the market, of novelty and of recognition Simon Grand , as well as aspects of the economy of free, immaterial products Felix Stalder.

The text section closes with the answers of the 17 international artists to the questionnaire sent out by the OOA research project. Publication of the research contributions is available in four formats. The decision towards this variety is linked to the object of investigation of our research project in the field of online culture: We want to test established and new publication formats for their benefits for research publications. Scientific partners Dr. Rachel Mader University of Berne , Prof. Peter Schneemann University of Berne , Dr. Felix Stalder ZHdK.

They can act as artists, curators and producers. Visitors to the exhibition are central as users, as emancipated consumers. YOU are the content in this exhibition! YOU are the user of the world and part of the world, and with that a participant in the world. Whoever is a part of the world also bears some responsibility for the world, of which they are a part.

Through their participation, the YOU, the user, has the chance to change the world. In the most technologically advanced environments and installations, the most recent state of the art of participation, pARTicipation, is being shown. That reinforces that tendency, which becomes established in the spirit of the enlightenment for democracy, for untrammelled access to education for all and for the creativity of all. In the global context of the information and communication society, the Biacs3 will make a new map of Global Art, World Art, addressing the specific aspect of media, environment and technology.

Under the title youniverse, the Biennial of Seville will show how contemporary art worldwide has changed through the influence of media, technology, science and architecture by fostering one main goal: the participation of the public and a new equation between man and his environment. The creations of the selected artists approximately works will revolve around mobility, individualisation through technologies, quantum physics, nanotechnology, hydraulic engineering, architecture and the environment.

One aspect will be to show that technology as man-made nature can help to solve our problems with natural environments. The other aspect will be the democratization of art. The audience, rather than the artists, is the star. Spain , Immaterial museum. Andrei Ujica Rumania , Out of the Present, Antonio Barrese Italia , Zeus playing, Archigram Peter Cook.

Archizoom Andrea Branzi. Italia , No-Stop-City, Digital animation. Bas Princen Holland , Birdwatchers, Bose Krishnamachari India , Ghost: Transmemoir. Catherine Ikam France , Yoona 1, David, Depuis, Sound-light sculpture. Interactive installation. Claude Parent France , Oblique Potentialism. Spain , Media-Tic Building, Coop Himmelb l au Austria , Villa Rosa, STEMCloud, BIACS production.

France , Ex — lles, Italia , Animal Pharm, Emergent Architecture Tom Wiscombe. France , Chair model, Gianni Pettena Italia , Wearable Chairs, Gregor Eichinger Austria , Urbar, installation. Interactive Sound Installation. Gonzalo Puch Spain , Sin titulo, Hiraki Sawa Japan , Eight Minutes, Inhere, Holland , Cell Phone Disco, France , Maison H, Portrait to Smile Once a Year, Jones Partners Architecture Wes Jones.

Jordan Wolfson USA. Site-Specific installation. Juan Carlos Robles Spain , Volker, Jurgen Mayer H. Germany , Metropol Parasol, USA , Inversabrane, Site-specific installation. Manolo Bautista Spain , Diamond Motel. Martin Walde Austria , Production Limits. Masaki Fujihata Japan , Beyond Pages, USA , Beast, Spain , Plaza de las Libertades. Michael Sailstorfer Germany , Sternschnuppe, NOX Lars Spuybroek. Holland , Pavillon H2O, Oh Yong-Seok Korea , Drama, Oliver van der Berg Germany , Kameras, Sternenprojektor, Holland , Portals, A field report from Chief Makanjila's village, Lake Malawi.

Description of seven examples from the collection of Dori and Pancho Guedes with an introduction. Research and recordings from and Migration of the Kpelle people, performance, and the Kingdom of Mali. A selection from a manuscript by Simon Tawoneyi. Curare When interpreters act as intercultural mediators between representatives of medical institutions and migrants, they take high responsibility: They have to enable communication in situations characterized by great imbalance power.

Within this hierarchical structure of relationships interpreters are not invisible and uninvolved agents. They are right in the middle of the event - as professionals who represent a third party with their own cultural, social and personal identities. This paper sketches the framing of a methodology for training interpreters which is based on an action-oriented perspective from translation studies and connects with approaches from theatre pedagogy, anthropology and sociology.

The point of departure is the concept of interpreting as action involving the whole body in a situation, which can be taught and learnt by way of enactments. The aim is to develop a professional identity, sensitizing interpreters for the nonverbal, verbal and situational dynamics in communication and the cultural, social and political imbalance of power in medical settings, and at the same time empowering interpreters to act ethically, i. Oktober in Jena.

Keywords : inequality , enlightening sociology , cosmopolitization , globalization , borders , renationalization. The Re-measurement of inequality among humans: Sociological enlightenment in the 21st century. Methoden ethnologischer Feldforschung. Berlin: Reimer Verlag Keywords : fieldwork , textbooks , participant observation , method in anthropology.

Methods of ethnological fieldwork. This textbook for students introduces basic knowledge for conducting ethnological fieldwork. Wiesbaden: VS Verlag Keywords : ritual theory , theories of ritual , religion and ritual , secular ritual , performance and ritual , power and ritual , feminism and ritual , women and ritual , theater and ritual , liminality , communitas.

Ritual theories. An introductory handbook. This handbook presents a collection of classical articles on ritual, all translated into German - by Catherine Bell, A. Bergesen, Mary Douglas, C. Geertz, R. Grimes, C. Laidlaw, T. Jennings, J. Platvoet, R. Rappaport, J. Smith, S. Tambiah, V. Turner, G. Goethals, C. Bromberger, E. Goffman, R. Hardin, D. Kertzer, L. Northup, R. Schechner, P. Vandermeersch, P.

The book has an extensive index, too. There is a comprehensive introduction 30 pages. Kunst und Ethnographie. Keywords : visual anthropology , Folklore studies , European ethnology , ethnography , museology , photography and ethnography. Art and ethnography. The relationship of visual culture and ethnographic work. Nine contributions deal with methodological and theoretical questions - specifically photography and ethnography.

Sozialstrukturen in Lateinamerika.

Keywords : social structure , technocracy , workers , urban workers , protest , periphery , migration , neoliberalism , globalization. Social structures in Latin Ameria. An overview. A comparison]. Schlussfolgerungen, Thesen, Reflexionen. Historiographie - Ethnographie - Utopie. Gesammelte Schriften, Teil 2.

Studien zur Utopie und der Imagination fremder Welten. Marburger altertumskundliche Abhandlungen 18,2. Wiesbaden: Harrassowitz Verlag Keywords : antiquity , Greek-Hellenistic travelogues , travelogues of Greeks , utopia , Orientalism of ancient Greeks , Herodotus , Plato , culture change ancient Greece. Historiography - ethnography - utopia.

Collected writings, part 2. Studies in utopia and the imagination of alien worlds. By Robert Rollinger. Other papers deal with travelogues and legitimizing strategies, i. Umkehrung der Macht? Film als Kritik am Film. Tsantsa Keywords : reverse anthropology , cultural studies , Rouch, J. Inversion of Power? Filmic Representations as a Critique of Represen-tation. Since the formal end of the European colonial hegemony, the discipline of anthropology has found itself confronted with a number of unresolved problems concerning not only conventional ethnographic methods but also global systems of domination.

The colonial process deeply altered colonial societies and restructured contemporary realities; transnationalism and global migration challenge the construction of fixed cultural and racial differences and thus undermine simple binary oppositions. Forschende im Fokus. Zu den Potentialen und Problemen der Wissensforschung in den Kulturwissenschaften. Anthropos Keywords : cultural anthropology , research up , Folklore studies , oral history , qualitative methods , reflexive anthropology. Focus on researchers.

On the potentials and problems of knowledge research in the cultural sciences. The article deals with potentials and problems concerning scholarly research of the discipline of cultural anthropology. It has rarely been practiced by scholars to examine their own disciplinary culture and the youngest history of their field, despite the meaningful chances arising from such a research. One conflict, for example, may be caused by methodological problems during oral history interviews with actors of the field. Reflecting her own methodological experiences the author discusses problems such as the "research-up" situation, the question of professionalism and consequences of publication.

She analyzes why researching one's own field's history demands a distinguished and self-reflective approach. Furthermore the article introduces ways and possibilities how to deal with such problems. Geschichten von der Natur des Menschen. Stuttgart: Steiner Verlag Keywords : feral children , wild men , wolf children , apeman , beast children. Feral children in Early Modernity. Stories about the nature of man. Suhrkamp Taschenbuch Wissenschaft The notion of exclusion creates a connection between the fringes and the center of society: What used to be a fringe phenomenon has reached the center of society, the middle classes.

Historical frames of interpretation and potential universality of a notion]. Bilder als soziale Praxis: Grundlegungen einer Soziologie des Visuellen. Keywords : visual sociology , practice and visual logic , medical imaging , sociology of visual. Post- modern societies can be understood as "visual cultures. It suggests two new concepts - "visual logic" and "visual rationality" - to analyze imaging practices from a sociological perspective. By drawing on ethnographic fieldwork in the area of medical imaging, the paper shows how these concepts serve as analytical tools to explore and understand imaging practices in medicine.

Kritik des Neoliberalismus. Keywords : neoliberalism , state and neoliberalism , critique of neoliberalism , globalization and neoliberalism. Critique of neoliberalism. Since neo-liberalism has become a field of research for anthropologists David Harvey, etc. This analysis includes a description of the strategies to remove power from public space or the state and its traditional functions , justification for these moves, and consequences of neoliberal social politics - for the welfare state and its changing structure due to neoliberal influence.

Kultur und Methode. Sociologia Internationalis Keywords : otherness , alterity , reconstructive methods. Culture and method: On the relevance of reconstructive methods for researching other cultural settings. The western tradition of social science could develop adequate instruments for the research in foreign cultures to the extent to which it was able to describe und explain otherness inside the own society.

The appropriateness of reconstructive methods for research in foreign cultural settings is a question that can not be answered in a general manner. However, much depends on whether, and to what extent, the different members of the "family" in Wittgenstein's sense have adopted precautions to defend themselves from the danger of ethnocentrism. Die Entdeckung der kommunikativen Vernunft. Habermas und die Rezeption der Frankfurter Schule in China. Keywords : communicative reason , Habermas, J. Discovering communicative reason. Habermas and the reception of the Frankfurt School in China.

After the beginning of the reform period Chinese scientists were able to learn about research results form the Western world. From the late s and early s on, the works of the Frankfurt School were met with special interest, mainly because of their critical contents regarding politics and society, which became a useful tool to criticize new market reform-based changes in Chinese society. But the understanding of the Critical Theory as neo-marxist philosophy as which it was categorized in China passed off quite selective: Horkheimer and Adorno, for instance, are in China considered as representatives for cultural critique while Habermas is mostly known for his concept of public sphere und his theory on modernity But in using only those components subservient to the perspective needs of the Chinese academic discourse lies the inherent danger of ignoring the true potential of the Critical Theory for the benefit of local inter-pretations.

Metamorphosen des Kapitalismus - und seiner Kritik. Keywords : capitalism , critique of capitalism , neoliberalism , inequality , exclusion , precarious employment , employment , poverty , labor market , resistence. Metamorphoses of capitalism - and its critique. Von der Desorientierung zur selbstreflexiven Standortbestimmung linker Gesellschaftskritik [From desorientation to self-reflexive definition of leftist social criticism].

Die Subsumtion der Subversion im neuen Kapitalismus [The productive power of criticism. The subsumation of subversion in new capitalism]. Problems of representing interests in fragmented job markets]. Zur Repolitisierung der Arbeits- und Geschlechterdebatte [Women to the top? On the re-politicization of the labor and gender debate]. Theorien als Verarbeitung beunruhigender Erfahrungen: Frobenius und Freud. Paideuma Keywords : theory , Frobenius, L. Theories as overcoming disturbing experiences: Leo Frobenius and Sigmung Freud. In the context of J. The sum of no equation.

European university studies. Keywords : Naipaul, V. This book offers a literary criticism of all major works of Naipaul, very much relating to, and dealing with postcolonial situations in India, Trinidad, etc. Starting with the social and psychological side of the person Naipaul, one can summarise some reasonably simple discoveries that can be extracted from both his autobiographical pieces and his seemingly fictional books, published within a period of more than fifty years.

Naipaul suggested that the way to approach the author is not through finding out as much as possible about the man and one could easily argue that the idea shall simply be used in conversion. One can learn more about the person when taking into account all that has been produced by the author, who is part of the person. Having studied English, Naipaul was aware of all the tools available and of the aims of literary critics and seems to have challenged these established routes for his own sake and to serve his purpose.

Confessional Culture and Space: A Preliminary Discussion

Menschen und Kulturen 4. Keywords : processions , pilgrimages , marchpasts , medieval pilgrimages , Nanda Devi , memorial culture , performances , rule and performance. Processions, pilgrimages, marchpasts. Movement between religion and politics in Europe and Asia from the Middle Ages. This book is result and part of a larger research project at the University of Heidelberg, Ritual Dynamics, a conference that took place in The events and processes have religious as well as political aspects; they may point to values of a group or may be tools aiming to present their ideas about history and order.

Such performances have been instruments of rule par excellence in pre-democratic times and settings. Mittelalterliche Pilgerreisen ins Heilige Land als ritualisierte Bewegung in Raum und Zeit [Medieval pilgrimages to the Holy Land as ritualized motion in time and space]. Fatimidische, byzantinische und ottonisch-salische Herrscherprozessionen an hohen Festtagen [Fatimid, Byzantine, and Ottoman-Salic processions of rulers on important festival days].

Jahrhundert [Ritual in urban memorial culture of the late Middle Ages]. Ohne Akteure geht es nicht! Oder: Warum die Fundamente der Luh-mannschen Sozialtheorie nicht tragen. Keywords : Luhmann, N. It will not Work without Actors! The subject of this article is the late social theory of Niklas Luhmann. The analysis of its foundations shows that its claim to have developed a radically different theory in contrast to methodological-individualistic approaches is not tenable.

That basic figures of argumentation like "the social system produces, observes" etc. It is shown why social systems as differentiated entities have no capacity to produce selection. This means that social systems are not distinguishable from psychic systems as Luhmann argues. Religion and music. Religionen in Kultur und Gesellschaft 1.

Keywords : religion and music , music and religion , Hindu music , Raga music. From the comparative perspective on cultures one can observe that music is used not only in religious adoration and worship but also in rituals of personal and collective crisis. Music as non-verbal religious commu-nication acts as a social form of cultural consolation, commemoration, recollection and the representation of ideas and values as well as a marker of cultural and personal identity.

This collected volume aims to formulate impulses for the study of religions, rituals and the aesthetics of religions. A Report from Inside. Theoretical Reflections. Diffusionism, Appropriation, and Globalization. Some Remarks on Current Debates in Anthropology. Keywords : anthropology discourse , theory of anthropology , globalization , diffusionism. Diffusionism is a long-standing theoretical issue in anthropology. The current research on globalization often shows astonishing similarities between the 19th century understanding of diffusion and the most recent interpretations regarding globally circulating cultural phenomena.

These parallels indicate the impact of global influences on local cultures. Instead of adopting a macro perspective that promotes a world map outlook, the author proposes a closer examination of local action in the context of global influences in order to avoid the reemergence of the shortcomings that led to the termination of the 19th century approaches. The focus on the local perspective through study of cultural appropriation appears to be an optimal way to understand the working of globalization on local levels.

Kognitive und kulturelle Evolution. Keywords : evolution , cultural evolution , history , cognitive evolution , phylogenesis , ontogenesis , environment and history , biological evolution , human evolution.

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Cognitive and cultural evolution. Every biological species has a specific environment which comprises perceivable elements and effects. As factors are included: conspecifics, animate and inanimate objects, their possible relationships, and the time-depth in which the elements are seen as relevant and may interact. Within this environment, which is naturally, cognitively and culturally affected, the cognitive sphere of an organism is formed by three dimensions: the phylogenetic-biological, the ontogenetic-individual, and the cultural-historical.

The specific environment affects the characteristics of the dimensions, which are also directly influenced by each other and indirectly through interactions with the environment. The cognitive and cultural evolution of homo is not a progressing adaptation to an independent environment which is the same for every species, but a co-evolution of interdependent specific systems. In particular, the cultural-historical dimension and the specific environment extended each other during human evolution. Grat-Wanderungen durch einen postkolonialen Bildungspark.

Ridge walks through a postcolonial educational park. Eine konstruktive Kritik aus der Sicht philosophischer Anthropologie. Keywords : Boltanski, L. A constructive criticism from the perspective of philosophical anthropology. Even three decades after its legalization, abortion is still an option which women do not necessarily experience as a constituent of freedom. In his ,La condition foetale: Une sociologie de I'avortement et de 1'engen-drement" Paris , Boltanski discusses this fact in light of the new kind of capitalism.

Morally unjustifiable but tolerated by law, the practice of abortion indicates, according to him, a tension in the process of human procreation, that is, a universal conflict which has become visible only recently, due to abortion's legalization as well as the proliferation of the specifically capitalist culture of the project. Boltanski maintains that abortion is a necessary evil of social anthropogenesis although not legitimizable in moral terms.

Firstly, the moral relevance of corporeality itself which escapes Boltanski's attention; secondly, the lack of a concept of personhood which would allow for grasping the precarious integrity of pregnant women; and thirdly, Boltanski's problematic claim to neutrality with respect to the issue of the foetus as person. However, the reference to philosophical anthropology is also constructive. Ritual und Gewalt. Keywords : ritual and violence , violence and ritual , clientelism , organized crime , Mafia , al-Qaeda , traditional societies , globalization , resistance , fundamentalism , occidentalism.

Ritual and violence. Anthropological studies of European and Mediterranean societies. On the basis of his former studies of Italian societies Hauschild mainly draws on these but also creates a wider perspective by including the ritual and violent aspects of other contemporary societies as well, mainly those of the Middle East, thus touching occidentalism.

Analyzing the logic of globally operating groups thus requires local expertise on the groups in question. Kulturethologie zwischen Analyse und Prognose. Schriftenreihe der Otto-Koenig-Gesellschaft, Wien. Wien: Lit Verlag Keywords : ethology and culture , evolution and culture , culture-ethology , prognosis , evolutionary developments , causality , Folklore Studies , humanities , Lem, S. Cultural ethology between analysis and prognosis. Begriffskritische Anmerkungen eines Mathematikers [From analysis to prognosis.

Critical remarks of a mathematician]. Die Zukunft, die Volkskunde und die Geisteswissenschaften [Prognosis or suggestion? Future, Folklore Studies, and the humanities]. Case: Writing tools as an object of cultural ethology]. A case study in folk music: Hubert von Goisern]. Kulturanthropologische und kulturethologische Betrachtungen [Myth and fascination of blond hair - cultural anthropological and culture-ethological reflections]. Bridging Culture-ethology and futurology]. Technologiemanagement bei Siemens [A model for future design.

Technology management in the Siemens Corporation]. Hinweise aus der Kulturethologie und Schlussfolgerungen [Cultural tradition as a hindrance of thought in creative problem-solving in technology. Insights from Culture-ethology]. Rituals in an unstable world. Contingency - hybridity - embodiment. Keywords : ritual , contingency , hybridity , embodiment , initiation , Kayapo , performance , carnival , segregation , fasting , mediums , masks.

Refuting prophecies of an unstoppable increase in secularization, the fascination of religious rituals proofs to be unbroken in the late modern world. This book contests classical paradigms that reduce the rationale of rituals to normativity Durkheim , intelligibility Geertz and dialectics Turner. Instead, it shows that rituals assert their significance in the post-colonial and globalizing world by successfully negotiating structure and contingency, identity and hybridity, script and embodiment.

Its case studies are dealing with a broad variety of ritual genres and expressions, including initiation ceremonies and spirit possession, new harvest ceremonies, cults of ancestors, deities and saints, ceremonial receptions, inaugurations and memorials, ritual theatre, carnival and ritual painting in contemporary Brazil, Germany, France, India, Japan, Taiwan, USA, Vietnam, and Yemen. Dealing with the "Foreign" in Nagasaki. Posttraditionale Gemeinschaften.

Theoretische und ethnografische Erkun-dungen. Erlebniswelten Keywords : posttraditional communities , neo-tribes , communities via brands , situative event communities , Gothics , public viewing communities , situative and transsituative communities , evolutionary theory. Posttraditional communities. Theoretical and ethnographic explorations. Posttraditional communities display numerous thematic foci but usually do not have efficient ways for sanction - to push through among their members what is important and valuable for them.

The last sections deal with the posttraditionalization of community communities in rural areas, traditions in posttraditional settings and the biological factor in posttraditional communities evolutionary theory, love. Schwellen zwischen Ethnologie und Soziologie. Keywords : sociology and ethnology , ethnology and sociology , Muehlmann, W.

A difficult relationship. Thresholds between ethnology and sociology. This is followed by a somewhat more international assessment of the interplay, or its lack, of the two disciplines - diverging paths, and he ends with the present situation of globalization, questions of hybridization, of micro vs. Globale Akteure der Entwicklung. Die neuen Szenarien. Keywords : development , actors of development , global actors development , Churches and development , NGOs. Global actors of development. The new scenarios.

Weltgesellschaft und Weltwirtschaft - Fakten und Trends [The second globalization. World society and world economy]. Anmerkungen zur transkontinentalen Interaktionsgeschichte [Hard and soft cultures. Notes on the transcontinental history of interactions]. Entwicklungs-politik als Faktor der Weltinnenpolitik [Against market-radical globalization. Development politics as a factor in world interior politics].

Interlinking development and security]. Leaving behind the central planning and aid paradigm. Daten und Fakten zur Einen Welt [The global balance in numbers. Data and facts on the One World]. Christian impulses for worldwide development]. Alte und neue Ziele und Fehler der kirchlichen Entwicklungsarbeit aus deutscher Sicht [Old an new goals and mistakes of ecclesiastical development work from a German perspective]. An interview about ecclesiastical development work today].

The changed role of NGOs in development work]. Aktionsgruppen und Nichtregierungsorganisationen als Plattformen gesellschaftlicher Innovation [Action groups and NGOs as platforms for societal innovation]. Entwicklung in der Informations- und Kommunikationsgesellschaft [Development in information and communication society]. Aussichten des christlich-muslimischen Dialogs [Migration and integration as an opportunity.

Chances of the Christian-Islamic dialog]. Die Beteiligung der Wirtschaft an internationalen Konventionen [Private economy and environmental protection. The share of the economy in international conventions]. Fortsetzung von Anthropos Keywords : Della Valle, P. Ethnographic data gathering, documentation, and description in Pietro Della Valle Continued from Anthropos The Italian traveller Pietro Della Valle, who visited many Oriental countries and parts of India in the years , published the then most voluminous and sophisticated travel reports of the time.

Besides other material, it contains a vast amount of ethnographic data. The argument of this article is that Della Valle already developed and applied explicitly the main principles of ethnographic fieldwork, evaluated critically his data, and provided detailed information about his sources. Ein romantisches Gehirn - Zum cerebral turn der strukturalen Anthropologie. A romantic brain. On the cerebral turn in structural anthropology. Sociology has so far discussed the results of neurobiological research with regard to two different aspects: normatively, as the question for the creatorship of actions, and methodologically, as the question for their relevance in explaining social actions.

In doing so, it often ignores the fact that neurobiological naturalism particularly challenges theoretical sociology to account for socio- ontological questions of constitution. This paper suggests that, as to this matter, sociology by itself makes advances to the natural sciences.

At the level of practical realisation, the next part follows the question to what extent a naturalist position can actually be deduced from the general context of the empirical fields of research within structural anthropology. Wirkungen des wilden Denkens. Mit einem Beitrag von Martin Zillinger [The magical moment.

With a contribution by Martin Zillinger]. Keywords : Bourdieu, P. Bourdieu describes modern society as differentiated into classes on the one hand and into fields on the other. Keywords : museology , South Sea collection , colonialism and museums. One might imagine that it was ethnologists who collected the objects for the Royal Ethnographical Collection in Munich before the First World War. However the majority of items exhibited in the South Sea Collection in Munich were, surprisingly, collected by other groups of people in the former colony of German New Guinea: civil servants, captains and merchants.

The purpose of this article is to illustrate the various, often astonishing, routes taken by the exhibits before they finally ended up in the State Museum of Ethnology. While Governor Albert Hahl donated selflessly and out of patriotism to the museum, the contributions of Station Commander Franz Boluminski and Captain Karl Nauer were only handed over in return for medals and titles and as a means of satisfying their vanity. The legacies of the agricultural expert Heinz von Sigriz ethnographica and photo albums and the head of the New Guinea Company Hubert Geisler were only given to the museum in and by their heirs.

Another issue examined here are the different paths followed by the collectors within their colonial context. Foods, friends and funerals. On lived religion. Anthropology of religion 1. Berlin: Lit Verlag Keywords : religious studies , theology , Lutherans , Anglicans , Muslims , identity and religion , funerals and identity , ritual and identity , missiology.

This is a wide-ranging yet incisive text on 'religion from below' by an anthropologist, based on many years of field-work in Borneo and Australia and current teaching in practical theology and religious studies. It argues that rural Lutherans in Australia, and rural Anglicans, Muslims and local religionists in Malaysia, whose views form the core of the book, discern their religious identity primarily in terms of their food, friends and partners and funeral practices, and only secondarily - if at all - in terms of belief and doctrine.

It also criticizes ego-centred and ethnocentred approaches to religion too often apparent in religious studies and missiology. Ein Beitrag zur Wissenschafts-geschichte. Keywords : ethnology Austria , history of anthropology , Catholicism and anthropology , Haberlandt, A. The beginnings of ethnolgoy in Vienna. A contribution to the history of science. Ethnology in Vienna started in the midth century. Fernberger, the Novara expedition, the Anthropological Society of Vienna.

Several anthropologists are portrayed F. Paulitschke, F. Luschan, R. Heine-Geldern , and Michael and Arthur Haberland are described in detail. Keywords : cultural criticism , criticism , modernism , postmodernism , Enlightenment , authority , equality , subordination , Rousseau, J. Cultural criticism. The author describes a crisis of criticism - in modern, western societies criticism being conceived as a child of Enlightenment, and with modifications in Konersmann further opines that criticism is neither endangered nor threatened to disappear, but that it has already successfully changed and found new positions and forms of expression: it has become cultural criticism.

The book includes a lenghty chapter on J. Keywords : mediality , messenger model , transference and media , mediation , philosophy of culture , perception , media and perception , transmission. Medium, messenger, transference. A brief metaphysics of mediality. It becomes clear that the elementary task of the media is to make something absent perceivable. Das Fremde. Konstruktionen und Dekonstruktionen eines Spuks. Ethnologie Keywords : alterity , otherness , discourse analysis , multiculturalism , globalization.

Constructions and deconstructions of a haunting. Alterity has become a focal topic in everyday life and sciences in the face of globalization. The papers deal with otherness in everyday life, politics, economy, advertising, etc. Kulturwissenschaftliche Religionsstudien 8. Keywords : gender and religion , religion and gender , feminism , theological gender studies , Biblical women , feminist theology , religious education , Islam. Daughters of god. Studies on the relationship of culture, religion, and gender. Zur philosophi-schen Anthropologie zwischen Stammesgeschichte und Kulturdeutung.

Keywords : humanitarianism research , philosophical anthropology , sociobiology , creativity , emotion , cognition. Humanitarianism research as an interdisciplinary anthropology. On philosophical anthropology between tribal history and the interpretation of culture. The author presents a philosophical anthropology with a proximity to both practice and scholarship.

In doing so he includes biological, systems-theoretical and social-scientific material, and deals with normative philosophical approaches such as responsibility, human rights questions, freedom, and freedom of will, and the search for meaning in life. The focus is on man as a creative, achieving, responsible, and normative being. Feste in Geschichte und Gegenwart. Aspekte, Beispiele, Perspektiven. Keywords : feasts , festivals , cultures of festivals , nation and festivals. Festivals in history and present.

Aspects, examples, perspectives. Finally, the results of this quest for a definition and modern formation of feasting is applied to an analysis of the notorious 'crisis of feasting' in the present. Poststrukturalistische Sozialwissenschaften. Poststructuralist social sciences. The authors observe that poststructuralist thinking pertains to practically all social science areas, whether it is society, power, religion, art They ask how central social-scientific concepts and research are being transformed by adopting poststructural perspectives. Theorising Sexuality. Keywords : sexuality , gender , race , power , feminism.

This article proposes to treat sexuality as a cultural object, analysing the sexual meanings produced by specific discourses on sexuality and gender power. More precisely, it focuses on the ways in which sexual liberation theorists have theorised sexuality as a site of liberation from capitalist power relations and it explores feminist critiques of sexual liberation discourse, drawing out the ways in which feminist debates around sexuality have recast sexuality as a crucial site of gender power.

Myths of the creation of the world, of humans, and the endangerment of existence. He sees a similarity between creation myths, with gods as agents, and human creative agency and its evolutionary history from simple tools to nuclear plants. Stratifikation durch Evaluation: Mechanismen der Konstruktion von Statushierarchien in der Forschung. Keywords : status hierarchies , hierarchy , measuring universities , evaluation in academia , peer reviews. The investigation starts with a case study on the evaluation of economics and management science at Bavarian universities in The case study is carried out in two steps.

The results of the study are then interpreted theoretically and explained with regard to causes, accompanying features, and consequences. The major finding of the study is that centrally organized comparative evaluation of departments contributes to the construction of self-reproductive status hierarchies. Three mechanisms each of constructing and of reproducing status hierarchies are disclosed in the analysis.

Keywords : war , transnational wars , fourth generation wars , violence and states , Westphalian system , guerilla , sovereignty of states , new wars. The observation, central to political theory and the history of ideas, that conceptual and political orders do not only correspond with, but virtually condition each other, becomes apparent in dramatic ways when looking at war and peace: Without a proper concept of war, a peace regime cannot be built.

This explains the intensity of recent debates on the "New Wars" theorem. Crucial for European history of war in modern times is the dissociation of interstate war and civil war, of war and guerrilla, as has been codified in the Peace of Westphalia. The so-called "Westphalian system" of nation-state sovereignty, including the related form of international law, focused on maintaining this dissociation.

It guaranteed not only the symmetry of wars, but also the stability of peace regimes of a non-imperial kind. This, however, appears to be unfeasible since the end of the 20th century. Intimbeziehungen aus soziologischer Perspektive. Keywords : love , sociology of love , theories of love. Declarations of love. Intimate relations from a sociological perspective. In doing so, the notion of love is analyzed, too, then Western concepts of love through time, in present times, and trends pointing to the future.

Unternehmen im globalen Stress: Zum kulturellen Wandel sozialer Beziehungen. Keywords : corporations , change in corporations , business and change , globalization and economy. Corporations in global stress: On the cultural change of social relations. Since the 's globalization is on everybody's mind and discussed in all media. This article throws light on the cultural change taking place in these discussions as far as social relationships in corporations and the public sphere are concerned.

Globalization serves as a policy of external attribution of inherent necessity. While the citizen is led into new unequal relations by the increasing global exchange of goods and services, his institutional ways to express discontent still rely on inadequate national channels. Keywords : language barrier , qualified interpreting , professional interpreting service , Migrant Friendly Hospital Project. Language barriers are a major difficulty and impede successful communication between patients and hospital staff.

Nine European hospitals, a scientific institute, and international experts cooperated in the "Migrant Friendly Hospital", a project to implement and evaluate professional interpreting services. The paper illustrates an example of good practice and evaluation results from a staff survey conducted before and after intervention. Especially the good practice model shows that quality assured interpreting services need a concrete organisational link-up.

The article closes with recommendations for a concerted action within the hospital quality management. Metzler Lexikon Literatur- und Kulturtheorie. Stuttgart: Metzler Verlag Keywords : culture theory , lexicon culture theory , literary and culture theory. Metzler Lexicon Literary and culture theory. Approaches, persons, basic notions. This is a lexicon combining the areas of literary and cultural studies.

Keywords : decoupling thesis , Beck, U. The individualization thesis that was developed by Ulrich Beck in the s has inspired quite a lot of research in the social sciences, which, however, has not led to conclusive results. This article focusses on the so called decoupling thesis, a core theorem in this discussion.

It maintains that despite unchanging objective structures of social inequality, their relevance for social action, social identity and social perception has declined since the s. In this paper an alternative method of testing the decoupling thesis was used in an explorative fashion. In an experiment respondents were asked to classify wedding portraits from the s, s, and s by social class.

The results of this experiment do not support the decoupling thesis since there is no linear decrease over time in the of correct classifications of the persons depicted. Das Konzept der Generation. Eine Wissenschafts- und Kulturgeschichte. Keywords : generation , age groups , genealogy , transgenerationality. The concept of the generation. A scientific and cultural history. This monograph presents a comprehensive scholarly and cultural history of the generation concept - in its biological, political, educational, historiographic, and literary dimensions: starting from the antique generation of the notion to current demographic and biomedical debates.

This includes genealogical thought in premodernity, the physiology of the generation before and after the 17th century, the generation as a future model around , genius and generativity between aesthetic theory and genetics, the family in literature of the 19th century, modernization of the concepts, the generation gap in the 20th century, transgenerationality concepts of transference. Keywords : poverty , wealth , capitalism , Ewald, F. The paper deals with the regularly and correctly assumed but theoretically rather seldom explicated reciprocal implication of the market and the welfare state.

It is argued that the widely called for re-privatisation of social security and the conversion of conventional welfare into workfare policies may eventually lead to the cancellation of the social contract of the welfare state. The author maintains that, should such reforms be thoroughly realized, the welfare state as an institution of political inclusion would become an agency that only replicates and embodies the principle of economic equivalence, instead of harbouring the ideal of gift exchange too and thereby cushioning the hardships of a capitalist labour market.

The first section of the paper recalls instrumental as well as caring aspects of the evolution of the welfare state.

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Secondly the concept of reciprocity and the moral foundations of the providential state will be specified. Section three tackles the economic, social, political, and cultural dimensions of the social security crisis. Fourthly superficially similar but morally diametrically opposed proposals to introducing an unconditional basic income will be censored.

In general it is the aim of the paper to prove the analytical potential of ,the gift" and to normatively defend its spirit against a consummation of the competitive market. Wetterzauberei und Schamanismus. B Ethnologie Keywords : weather witchcraft , shamanism , comparative religion , religion and magic , shamanism , rain magic , efficacy , rituals. Weather witchcraft and shamanism. In each case, examples are presented, compared, and analyzed according to categories such as nature spirits, rain sacrifices, rain stones, color symbolism, and behavioral rules.

The author asks whether there are commonalities or similarities in these examples, and whether the weather can be really influenced by the shamans. Results show many common features of the cases. The Anthropological Society of Vienna and the anthropological disciplines. Pusman documents and discusses the history of the society, founded in up to , which comprises and includes the disciplines of physical anthropology, ethnology, pre-history, and Folklore Studies. For each of the periods monarchy, between the world wars, during National Socialism, after National Socialism behavior and processes in the four disciplines is described.

Die Erfindung der flachen Erde. Keywords : Columbus, C. The invention of the flat earth. The Columbus myth and the construction of the transition between the epochs of the Middle Ages and Modernity. Reinhardt recounts the history, the process of the invention of the flat earth particularly in the United States - connected with the history of Christopher Columbus.

Keywords : sociology of religion , new religions , pilgrims , nuns , Muslimas , migrants , events , religious studies. Young pilgrims to the pope, emancipated Muslimas, travelling nuns: New actors in the sociology of religion. In its beginnings sociology of religion was practiced as a general theory of society. Today it has to share its objects with other special sociologies, for example youth or migration research. This elucidates many of contemporary religious studies, which do not focus on the social meaning and interpretation of religion generally, but ask the questions in greater detail: 1 How juveniles, who are socialised in a mediated every life, practice religious community, 2 in which way muslim women with educational and social capital interpretate the qu'ran, 3 and what kind of cultural meanings are accentuated by members of transnational religious communities?

Drawing on selected studies the article reconstructs the current state of religious research in order to identify new fields and actors and reclaim the relevance of a religious-sociological perspective for the cultural analysis of society. Methoden kulturvergleichender Sozialforschung. An introduction. This textbook from a sociological perspective aims at a practice-oriented introduction, especially focusing on possibilities and limits of cultural-comparative survey research.

The authors want to supply a sound basis for critically dealing with such studies, and to enable readers to conduct research themselves.

They discuss aims and procedure of comparative studies what and how to measure, how to sample. Procedures of selection are discusses, developing questionnaires, assessing social contexts, and ways to analyze internal and external equivalence, etc. Keywords : Lacan, J. An attempt to apply a Lacan perspective to molecular genetics in the context of neoliberalism. This includes critical analyses of society, e. Keywords : privacy , public and privacy , public sphere , feminism , theory of democracy , democracy.

The dynamics of privacy and public in modern societies. While the public sphere is often discussed as a democratic ideal, or as a declining feature of late-modern societies privacy still is a residual category in political and theoretical debates, or is cherished as an uninterpreted realm of happiness.

However, feminist debates show that the sphere of privacy needs to be integrated into the theoretical discussion as a central ingredient of social order and political processes. The author presents a reflexive account of the debate in feminism and the theory of democracy, and she generates a notion of privacy aiming at the dynamic relationship of private worlds and temporary, associative public spheres. Keywords : care , social citizenship , autonomy , interdependence , gender , autonomy and family , women and labor market , individualization.

In industrialized, capitalist welfare states, men could be de-familialized because they could also abandon their caring needs and obligations to women, who therefore remained bound to the family. The focus on women, and precisely on the reasons why they remained bound to the family, has increasingly highlighted that not only incomplete individualisation was at issue, but the overall issue of care. There is a need to reformulate the concept of autonomy in order to include the relationships of interdependence that develop around care giving and care receiving along the life course and to incorporate care giving and care receiving both conceptually and in practice in the structure of social rights and social citizenship themselves.

The author discusses how different countries are addressing the issue of care following women's increasing labour market participation and the ageing of the population, showing that there are contrasting trends both across and within countries. Keywords : genital mutilation , clitoridectomy , violence against women. This is a brief account of the literature on genital mutilation, including pro and contra arguments regarding western activism, the work of NGOs, the human rights question, etc. Keywords : diaspora , Tibetan diaspora , orientalism , marriage , partnership , sexuality , body , coping in diaspora.

The Tibetan Diaspora: Past and future research. First, demographic aspects and the focus of research of studies on the Tibetan Diaspora are presented in relation to other, general studies of diasporas. Then, the discourse on the Tibet question by, and about Tibetans and the present situation of information are briefly portrayed. This includes the influence of the western, or, "Orientalist" discourse. Following this research methods regarding the Tibetan Diaspora are described as in Capper, Kohut as well as major complexes of Tibetan identity in the Diaspora are described: health, partnership, marriage and sexuality, the body, and generally coping strategies and the notion of "religio-political" identity.

Finally, changed identities in the Diaspora are dealt with, and future research is addressed. Diskurskoalitionen in den Massenmedien. Keywords : public sphere , mass media , media and discourse , discourse analysis , content analysis , biotechnology , correspondence analysis , Foucault, M. Discourse coalitions in mass media.

Both approaches emphasize relevant and complementary aspects of societal communication, but so far, there has been no attempt to combine the two. This is the aim of this article: First, it is shown that both approaches are based on similar assumptions. Second, the concept of "discourse, coalitions" is employed in order to bridge discourse analyses and the WZB model. Third, I propose to reconstruct discourse coalitions statistically using multiple correspondence analysis. Fourth, two examples will be considered in order to demonstrate discourse coalitions in a concrete mass media debate.

In the cases of human genome research and stem cell research, three discourse coalitions can be shown, each having a different weight and therefore, a different discursive "power" in the coverage. Ideen und Konzepte. Keywords : religion , anthropology of religion , textbooks. Introduction to the anthropology of religion.

Ideas and concepts.

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This textbook for students presents the foundations and central topics of the anthropology of religion: Religion as part of culture and society always being interwoven with questions of identity, social justice, and equal opportunities. The book is systematized in the following way: The object of the anthropological study of religion, history of the anthropology of religion, importance of fieldwork - and then topical areas: creation of the world theories of myth, cosmos, morality etc.

Der Potlatch der Natur. Keywords : potlatch , Bataille, G. The potlatch of nature. Elements of a political ecology in Georges Bataille. Nationale und globale Ungleichheit.

News from Normative Orders

Keywords : global inequality , national inequality , globalization , national state , world classes , middle class , order and state , transnationalism , inequality. National and global inequality. The impact of globalization on the structure of social inequality is controversially discussed in actual debates.

Muslime in Österreich: Geschichte - Lebenswelt - Religion. Grundlagen für den Dialog (German Edition) Muslime in Österreich: Geschichte - Lebenswelt - Religion. Grundlagen für den Dialog (German Edition)
Muslime in Österreich: Geschichte - Lebenswelt - Religion. Grundlagen für den Dialog (German Edition) Muslime in Österreich: Geschichte - Lebenswelt - Religion. Grundlagen für den Dialog (German Edition)
Muslime in Österreich: Geschichte - Lebenswelt - Religion. Grundlagen für den Dialog (German Edition) Muslime in Österreich: Geschichte - Lebenswelt - Religion. Grundlagen für den Dialog (German Edition)
Muslime in Österreich: Geschichte - Lebenswelt - Religion. Grundlagen für den Dialog (German Edition) Muslime in Österreich: Geschichte - Lebenswelt - Religion. Grundlagen für den Dialog (German Edition)
Muslime in Österreich: Geschichte - Lebenswelt - Religion. Grundlagen für den Dialog (German Edition) Muslime in Österreich: Geschichte - Lebenswelt - Religion. Grundlagen für den Dialog (German Edition)
Muslime in Österreich: Geschichte - Lebenswelt - Religion. Grundlagen für den Dialog (German Edition) Muslime in Österreich: Geschichte - Lebenswelt - Religion. Grundlagen für den Dialog (German Edition)
Muslime in Österreich: Geschichte - Lebenswelt - Religion. Grundlagen für den Dialog (German Edition) Muslime in Österreich: Geschichte - Lebenswelt - Religion. Grundlagen für den Dialog (German Edition)
Muslime in Österreich: Geschichte - Lebenswelt - Religion. Grundlagen für den Dialog (German Edition) Muslime in Österreich: Geschichte - Lebenswelt - Religion. Grundlagen für den Dialog (German Edition)

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