The Oracle of Uluru

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Join Valerie at the Cosmic Consciousness Conference at Uluru

There are various offerings to support your process of healing and your journey will organically unfold with a nourishing mix of deep solitude and inspiring interaction. This is a wonderful way to rest, regenerate, transform and re-attune to the interconnectedness of all things. Healthy, self aware individuals create healthy communities which in turn create a healthy planet, one that is in balance and harmony with itself and all the life it sustains. It was through a complete immersion at Shanti Bhavan that Rob was able to experience his first close proximity sighting.

March 21, In Hindi language "Shanti" means peace and "Bhavan" means sanctuary. On the map. Related posts.

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UFOs or Flares at Dr. The rocks grieved with laborious contraction. It was if the earth itself were panting, bringing forth jeweled tears from its pores. Embers crackled, and flickered on the plateau turning day into night. Flaming boulders catapulted through the smoke illuminating the forced darkness.

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Rains of sunglow, magenta and shimmering avocado colored jeweled showered over the north of the rock. We all stood there with our mouths ajar watching in awe as an enormous glacier blue geyser gathered to lay itself along the rock as gracefully as the silky train on the gown of a December bride.

Kneeling cockatoos arose to take flight towards the mist. There in the mist a stair case of marvelously spectrum raw umber marbled beams cascaded carefully down from the rim of Uluru. The rim of the plateau was no more, in its place stood a grand balcony. There in the center we saw it for the first time. It was surrounded by a garden of extraordinary crystals, erect with an air of vitality within its eyes. Its face was unconcerned with the decadent flowers, ripe plums and sapphire orchids which circled the pool it was mounted.

The stone image like the path that lay before it was not as glorious as the garland of Sharon roses that were speckled throughout the garden.

You Should See Australia's Uluru And This Is Where You Should Stay

I removed my shoes. I noticed the flowers following my movements. They motioned toward me, urging me to go forth. When I reached her the flowers lowered their blooms in a noble way similar to the cockatoos. A bit startled and a whole lot afraid. I looked up at the serenely dirt polished statue wondering if it was going to kill me. I asked in one breath as if it were my last What are you? I stared at it for a moment. Relieved I was not dead, I stepped back to gain a better view of it when it spoke.

Her voice uttered words unknown to humans in a blast that rush through my flesh like a prevailing wind charging through free air. Katrina fear not my name drifted out of her mouths like the smell of vanilla wafting in the breeze. Her echoing words ignited the crater with a glistening sheen that pierced through human sight; revealing a multitude of beings among us. In the flash we became aware of the great winged warriors around us as well as hissing, snarling creatures scurrying from the lighting.

Cuttlefish like pulses race through her emanating gown. Soothing streams of bronzed light flowed down from the atmosphere and rested like polish on the statue.

The Oracle of Uluru

She became more radiant then first spring dawn. Thinking this must be an angel I immediately fell to my knees in reverence. Arise, she said, bowing as she raised her arms for I am not Lord, angel nor fallen! As she spoke her chick like wings grew great and terrible towards the heavens.

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At once all of her mouths uttered in unison I am Rheairis, the one who speaks. My words are according to Him whose name is Holy. He who dwells with and in man is the foundation of knowledge and giver of wisdom.

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I am servant to the master that is one; Father, Son and Spirit. I thought to myself I was just talking to him, when you blow up Uluru. Hearing my thoughts Rheairis smiled and said Katrina, I am here to complete my purpose. She said. Here I have stood before the sowing of time, eons, and the foundations were formed.

The Oracle of Uluru The Oracle of Uluru
The Oracle of Uluru The Oracle of Uluru
The Oracle of Uluru The Oracle of Uluru
The Oracle of Uluru The Oracle of Uluru
The Oracle of Uluru The Oracle of Uluru
The Oracle of Uluru The Oracle of Uluru
The Oracle of Uluru The Oracle of Uluru

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