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Instead, he was speaking to a different set of concerns, engulfing communities from Wisconsin and Michigan, West Virginia and Pennsylvania, North Carolina to Tennessee: the fear that they were living in a nation that no longer allowed men to be men. It was a pledge to reinvigorate the body politic, literally stiffening the backbone of the nation, with the power of male labour. It was a guarantee that America could stand strong against foreign competitors, certainly.

But it was no accident that Trump chose to highlight his stance against China and Mexico, two nations that have been cast historically as effeminate and indolent in American political discourse. Trump understood that it was not that there were no jobs to be had in the US. His speech was a clarion call: a vote for him was a vote for a vision of masculinity that had been eroded and undercut by the vicissitudes of the 21st century. Such rhetoric was not designed solely for men. Women also heard a promise of something better in his vision of an invigorated masculine role.

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The contamination of the water supply in Flint, Michigan had resulted in miscarriages, lead poisoning and children afraid to drink water in their own homes. In linking the loss of manufacturing jobs to a public health crisis, Trump connected the deindustrialisation of the US to the idea that men could no longer keep their families, especially their children, safe. Job theft and the loss of traditional male occupations had resulted in a breakdown in the social order and a violation of the sanctity of home.

Men in post-industrial America could no longer protect their women and children. The details of tariff policies are rarely reckoned with as the blood and guts of an election, much less a presidency. But Trump has continued to pursue a protectionist agenda. Trump has tied such policies to a powerful political legacy. In a speech to Congress in June , he invoked the talismanic force of Abraham Lincoln to justify his protective policies.

On one level, the analogy was empty. But in some ways Trump was right to invoke Lincoln. At the core of both of their ideologies was a shared sense of how the nation had a responsibility to shape a political economy for the benefit of white men. When Lincoln ran for president in , he laid out a political agenda for the US. Unlike Trump, Lincoln could draw on his own experience in advocating this plan.

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He had lived the trajectory from log-splitter to presidential candidate. Hard manual labour had been his ticket to opportunity.

But Lincoln feared that hard work would not be enough. Americans needed to transform their economy to protect those who laboured within its borders. For Lincoln, the tariff was the way to ensure that working men would not be the victims of free trade. Lincoln was not attempting to protect Americans from imports coming from Mexico and China.

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But he was trying to protect the nation from the depredations of globalisation in a different sense: he sought to limit the power of a slave economy. In , pro-slavery advocates were among the most vocal proponents of free trade. Rooted in an economy that depended on its ability to export staple crops, especially cotton, to a global market, planters in the South relied on cheap imports for both their necessities and luxuries. Slave owners sought an expanding cotton kingdom that profited from the free movement of goods across the globe.

As manufacturers and labourers, they could not afford to be undercut by the flow of cheap goods in to the nation. In the wake of the Panic of , there had been renewed interest in finding a way to limit and regulate the market. Official website Forum Download. For multiplaying, we suggest this Hamachi server: No password required.

Or join our Discord server: Discord. Version 0. Though it has been a long journey, I finally bring some news. I have entered the realm of Etheria through its dark, mysterious interface. All the menus have been redesigned and adjusted to custom resolutions. Loading screens now possess impressive concept art and rich text about the universe, history and general hints collected from wise men of old.

The world map has been redrawn at a higher, more detailed and lore-accurate scale and all the chapters, campaigns and custom add-ons have been updated to support the new coordinates. The battle UI also benefits of a few graphical tweaks, as well as the ability to shrink or expand by user preference. The stats, tags, weaknesses and other details are now viewable in the control panel both for units and buildings. Each spell now has its own unique visual particle and sound effect, along with a suggestive icon visible in the hot-keyed spells area.

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The elapsed time is now also constantly displayed on the top, while mission specific information is still stored on the right side of the screen. Spell timers remain on the left side, with only high priority messages popping up in the middle of the screen, such as diplomatic changes, perk adjustments or important resource modifications. Several units seemed to me visually different… they better fit their nature and theme now. Minotaurs are now bigger in size and more ferocious for instance, while slimes and hydras look more sickly and infested.

I have witnessed some gruesome battles too! All units now bleed upon impact depending on how much damage they receive, while other elements such as scorch marks, decaying bones, arrows, etc. Footstep sounds, along with other terrain and weather impacts, all collaborate now as ambient-defining elements. New creatures have joined in the fray. Devourers and Dust Devils roam the vast deserts.

Even the well-known units now have new abilities. Zombies and Ghouls may now spread their infection to their victims, greatly multiplying their numbers. Sergeants may now encourage their soldiers to not be afraid or terrified of dragons, reminding me of the old knightly Order of The Dragon. The Swarm can now drain resources and mana while it digs its great hives to increase the already big population of insects.

Orcs have discovered a new type of bolts for their kobold snipers, while the Dark Elves have imbued their arrows with lethal poison from fresh spider blood. Many other dangers await in this world. On the bright side of things, I must say browsing through items in shops is now a slightly more pleasant interaction. Items now carry a baggage of lore in their descriptions. Comparing two items was made easier by creating help boxes detailing the items in question. Their stats have been rebalanced, some offering entirely new bonuses and curses. Yet, Etheria is known as The Land of Heroes and indeed new heroes have emerged.

Master Paladins are now filled with fervor and Rangers may now cast nature spells and use their bow at the same time! Assassins like to weaken their targets before hitting the final, lethal blow.

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Tinkers have learned the benefits of tactics , increasing the efficiency of nearby mercenaries. Times have changed, what can I say? Maybe a Chronomancer is using one of his newer spells. Others have gone out for more nontraditional ways of magic. Only the powerful Battle Potions the Brewers do have an effect on them.

Then there are the Alchemists who now only use resources such as gold and metal to cast their spells. Now they have new or improved rules of battle. Start locations may be random and so can be an allegiance. Treason and treachery are common just to become King of the Hill these days, which is why having experienced bodyguards with you at all times is more important. Sometimes, skilled healers may be hired to resurrect heroes , although they charge for extra each time they perform the ritual. Bigger battles happening on bigger lands are now also more frequent, especially in the archipelagos and dense jungle areas, though some battles even spill on open farmland.

Some have even gained the reputation of Demigods, quickly erecting fearsome strongholds, raising huge armies, deploying deadly strategies, razing enemy mines, retreating when necessary only to strike back again and eventually vanquishing their foes with such unhuman efficiency that some accuse them of possessing artificial intelligence. Expect great difficulty when dealing with these types of warlords. Alas, my time for writing letters has come to an end. Battle draws near! Attached are the detailed changelogs and quests I have observed up until now. I leave to you directions to my bank account , if you so desire to further support my journey with much-needed coin.

We can indulge in more letter writing over at Discord. Many warlords share their experience there. Dear warlords and warladies, rejoice! After almost one year of development The Protectors dev team is finally ready to present the long awaited new version of your favourite game mod: The Protectors version 0. With over Is your hero doing well? Having fun leveling up, fighting foes, building empires, converting mines, casting spells and what not? Good, good. Mine's doing No articles were found matching the criteria specified.

We suggest you try the article list with no filter applied, to browse all available. Post article and help us achieve our mission of showcasing the best content from all developers. Join now to share your own content, we welcome creators and consumers alike and look forward to your comments. Quick fixes regarding multiplayer stability and other minor gameplay tweaks. Requires patch 0. Heroes and saved games are NOT deleted. What started out as a hotfix ended up as a patch. Requires version 0. My fair warlords and warladies: it is my pleasure to announce that the newest and most awaited version of The Protectors is finally released.

No files were found matching the criteria specified. We suggest you try the file list with no filter applied, to browse all available. Add file and help us achieve our mission of showcasing the best content from all developers. Sometimes very rarely in C.

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Campaign, after finishing the battle to enter the enemy capital you end up in New Selentia instead. The daemon Lightning Spire durability upgrade ignores or cancels the HP bonus from the hero building perk. The units seem to get a stats even skills reduction when they level up from 19 to While in C.

Campaign, the A. The Dark Elf tortured souls can hider base repairs. There's cases where I can't select my towers and walls to repair because there's too many tortured souls near and over them, left from the enemy casualties. The A. Sometimes it pointlessly builds large clusters of walls no towers near mines outside it's base. Campaign, the game always crashes when trying to replace a retinue unit with a water elemental for Calm the Desert. Campaign, the Attack Malbec mission, the Plague A. While sacking the Plague Capital, the dwarven ally alone can overwhelm and destroy both Plague enemies, I don't even need to attack at all.

In Treasure Hunt 2, there's a lone undead hero in a cave near mines and 2 towers, should he build a base and mount attacks? Only the Daemon enemy builds and attacks, but he's too easy and mostly attacks the undead towers outside the cave. I've seen A.

The Protectors The Protectors
The Protectors The Protectors
The Protectors The Protectors
The Protectors The Protectors
The Protectors The Protectors
The Protectors The Protectors

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