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Only he refused and was instantly thrown into Hell. Another faithful angel accepted this mission. Because Satan likes to mock everything God does, it makes sense that we might have a diabolic spirit attempting to dissuade us from growing closer to Him. This spirit would know us well and perhaps be the agent of ordinary temptations for us. Pray that your guardian will keep you strong in times of trial, that he will assist you in holy thoughts and influence your imagination, especially when you are undergoing intense diabolic attack. Because angels communicate telepathically — that is, through thoughts — they can, and do, powerfully sway us toward heavenly things when we ask.

Your angel will give you interior humiliations if you ask him. It sounds absurd at first thought to actually ask to be humiliated, but your guardian knows that the best and surest way to heaven is by way of humility. There is no saint praising God eternally who was not first and foremost humbled. All angels are perfect in every virtue, but their primary means of serving God is through humble submission to His will. This is constant.

They are faithful without apprehension or skepticism. Any iota of pride is reserved for diabolic angels. Therefore, ask your angel to help you grow in humility, and you will discover surprising ways each day that your ego was injured or pride shattered. Then, thank him for it and all the ways he loves you. Tagged as: angel , Best of Week , devotions , guardian angels. She is a frequent guest on Catholic radio and contributes to several online and print Catholic periodicals.

Jeannie, her husband, and their three daughters plus one baby boy live in northern Indiana.

His Guardian Angel

What Does it Mean to Follow Jesus? Catholic Exchange is a project of Sophia Institute Press. Email Login. Catholic Exchange. Chad Ripperger Most of us believe in angels, but we seldom pray to them. Subscribe to CE It's free. Derek Rotty 3 months ago Ven. Fulton J.

Four Ways to Increase Devotion to Your Guardian Angel

Sheen as a Lenten Guide feat. They are worth relating. The first example relates how, as Padre Pio was being attacked by devils, his guardian angel took too long, at least to him. He is writing to his spiritual advisor of what happened:. Sometimes I feel that I am close to death. There followed one of those ordinary scenes: I shouted at him harshly for having made me wait so long, since I had not failed to call him to my aid.

To punish him, I did not want to look him in the face, I wanted to hold my distance, I wanted to run away and hide from him. But he, poor fellow, approached me, nearly crying.

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He caught hold of me, so that raising my eyes, I might look into his face and find it wholly grieved. My affection for you shall not extinguish even with your life. I know that your generous heart beats always for our mutual Beloved. You would cross every mountain, every desert to find Him, to see Him again, to embrace Him anew in these extreme moments and to ask Him to break now those chains which hold you bound to the body… that you can suffer no more to be far away from Him, that He take you with Him.

To tell him that separated from Him you gather more sorrow than joy. You would like this very gift from Him, but do not grow weary,… for you must wait a bit more.

How to Meet Your Guardian Angel

For the present, He can give you nothing like the ray of a star, the perfume of a flower, the sigh of a harp, the caress of a wind. Yet do not cease to constantly ask Him for it, for His supreme pleasure is to have you with Him. Poor dear angel!

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Will he succeed in making me recognize the grave obligation [I have] of gratitude? Oh, if only all men knew how to understand and appreciate this very great gift that God, in the excess of His love for men, has assigned to us this celestial spirit! Thank him, pray to him. He is so finely mannered, so discreet: respect him.

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Have continual fear lest you offend the purity of his gaze. Invoke frequently this your Guardian Angel, this benefactor angel. Oh that this sweet thought may make you, may render you continually more fond of the Cross of Jesus! This is namely what your good angel desires! May the desire to see this inseparable companion of your entire life enkindle in you that charity which moves you to desire soon to leave the body.

Oh, what a holy and salutary thought it is to see this our good angel! It is this aspiration, namely, that should make us escape ahead of time from this dark prison in which we are detained. O Raffaelina, where are my thoughts flying to now?

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