Families! The Good, Bad and Wobbly: Fourteenth of the Prairie Preacher Series

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A widow returns Chester's affections. A man buys an allegedly stolen horse from a farm boy, which proves to be a big mistake. Matt becomes convinced that Dave Ingalls is innocent of murder, so he sets out to find the real killer before Ingalls is wrongfully hanged. A young man commits murder and ambushes Matt. A ladies' man takes up with a married woman. Last episode in which Ken Curtis appears as a character other than Festus. After getting out of prison, an infamous gunman meets a cocky young man eager to cash in on his reputation.

John English. Tobe Hostader befriends a saloon girl whose ex-boyfriend is near. Elmo Sippy is superficially pleasant, but is actually a psychopathic killer, devoid of restraint or remorse. A grief-stricken widower gets a job as a hired hand for two sisters. Quint guides a family on a hazardous trail to Oregon. A man gets beaten up for trying to steal another man's horse, and plots his revenge. Thomas Carr. An ex-convict comes to Dodge with the intention of shooting Matt dead.

Matt tracks an accused murderer to Texas. Matt, the murderer, and the lieutenant ride back to the border -- followed by bandits. John A. A traveling medicine man is accused of cheating at cards. Pa Hack tries to get his daughter married to a successful rancher, so he can lead an idle life. A young man tries to make a name for himself as a fast draw when Matt turns him down as deputy. A married woman is having affairs with men much younger than her husband. Someone or something is slaughtering cattle. Matt heads to a nearby town to investigate a friend's death.

A friend of Festus' is accused of murdering the man who bested them at poker. Doc is threatened by the Ginnis clan when he fails to respond quickly to their demands for treatment. Festus' cousin Mayblossom comes to town to marry him because of a pact between their fathers. A family finds Matt and a prisoner handcuffed to one another - with the prisoner claiming to be the marshal.

Matt must stop a killer from realizing his victim's daughter was a witness. After spending a wild night in Wichita, Quint and Festus deal with a saloon girl who claims they invited her to Dodge. A woman learns that the man who tried to have his way with her is her husband's uncle. The only ones who believe Festus' girlfriend witnessed a murder are the killers themselves. Caleb Marr comes to Dodge in search of a meaningful life after finally acknowledging his failure at farming.

Owney Tupper starts behaving "responsibly" in order to retrieve his daughter from her aunt's custody. Chester doubts a man's deathbed murder confession, so he sets out to find the real killer. Chester's last episode. A rival saloon owner forces Kitty into a deadly competition. An ex-farmer decides to become a fight promoter to make his fortune. A timid bank clerk goes through a surprising change in personality when he is told he only has a short time to live.

Rob Scot leaves his family and prepares to start a new life with Nora Brand — after they dispose of her husband's body. Festus protects a young Indian maiden from a farmer who bought her from her father. Shimon Bar-David [B]. The ex-husband of Hector Lowell's wife claims that the Lowells' home, land and business belong to him.

A love triangle between a girl and twin brothers turns tragic. A stranger accompanies two brothers on their trip to California. Michael O'Herlihy. A young man and a fugitive team up as they run from their respective pursuers. A girl's whip-wielding father does not approve of her romance with Quint. Matt must find out who killed Joe Silva when an old man is framed for the crime. A man's scalping leads the citizens of Dodge to suspect the Indians of doing the deed.

George Eckstein. A new doctor arrives in Dodge and his wife starts a smear campaign against Doc Adams. A grateful family gives Matt their daughter to be his bride. Kitty and an unmarried expectant mother end up in the desert when bandits attack their stagecoach. A lawman-hater causes trouble for Matt and a retired marshal. After spending 30 years in prison, Jonah Hutchinson sets out to rebuild his ranching empire. Pike Beechum plots to off his lover's husband.

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A meek man is given credit for killing four outlaws. The hatred between two men is intensified by their affections for the same girl. Festus' aunt Thede and a young woman both seek to get married. A wealthy gambler comes to Dodge to buy horses, leading rival traders to have a race to demonstrate the speed of their steeds. Brad McCain tries to take advantage of his friendship with Matt. A man causes trouble for a young couple when he buys a ranch from them and refuses to pay for a year.

Festus, acting as Matt's deputy, learns that the drunken trappers he put in jail are his cousins.

Buck Fifty: Thirteenth in the Prairie Preacher series

Joseph H. Two bounty hunters talk Matt into protecting them and their prisoner from ambush. A desperately ill chief causes tension when he lodges in the Dodge House. William F. Festus's girlfriend joins a circus troupe. A carefree minstrel faces the wrath of the vengeful Lukens clan. Vincent McEveety. Matt intervenes when an intese feud between the Renner brothers reaches its breaking point. Richard C. Festus' nephew Eliab comes gunning for his right ear lobe. Robert Lewin. Doc falls for a woman Jean Arthur who's haunted by her past.

A lawyer from the east questions Matt's every move. Bert Clum plots to rob pilgrim families in nearby camps. A woman who used to be rich takes a job at the Long Branch while she and her niece are on their way to San Francisco. Matt must find out why a gunman is stalking a temperance preacher.

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A gang of outlaws abduct Kitty and her fellow stagecoach passengers. An immigrant's life improves when he kills an outlaw - at least for a while.

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Doc treats a woman and her son for scurvy. A woman tries to raise her son in Dodge after her husband is killed in a gunfight. Frank Q. Festus goes after the bandits who robbed and assaulted Doc. Newcomer Ben Stack makes a play for saloon girl Honey Dare. Matt faces fear and hostility in Ridge Town where he investigates an old murder case. A cowboy admires a buffalo hunter too much to admit that the buffalo hunter is also a thief. Final John Meston script. A treacherous gang of outlaws take over Dodge. A buffalo hunter is sentenced to be hanged for a murder he did not commit, the real culprits being the sons of Matt's old friend Adam Benteen Forrest Tucker.

Thad Greenwood Roger Ewing trails the four tough guys who caused his father Paul Fix to suffer a fatal heart attack. Guest stars include Jack Elam and Allen Jaffe. Matt must find out who hired the gunfighters that he has been facing in and out of Dodge. Prospector Jeb Carter Ed Begley hires a bodyguard Wayne Rogers to protect his gold after years of searching finally pay off.

Kioga, a young and wounded Pawnee Indian Teno Pollick , comes to Dodge City to hunt down the fur trader Neville Brand who killed his father and attacked his sister. A bounty hunter Robert Lansing is drawn out of retirement to find the man who murdered a rich rancher's son.

A convicted gold-mine swindler James Whitmore gets out of prison to resume mining — with money he is accused of stealing. Gary Nelson. Town drunk Malachi Harper Harry Townes poses as marshal just to impress his brother. The Dano brothers Tom Skerritt and Tom Simcox return home from prison to a dying mother and a bitter father. Also featured are Nehemiah Persoff and Julie Sommars.

A year-old boy Pat Cardi goes into hiding after witnessing his father's murder. Also featured is Bruce Dern in a celebrated performance. Four convicts take Matt hostage on their way to Mexico. Matt is surprised to see that the fleeing train robber he shot is a woman Lane Bradbury. Abner Biberman.

This lighthearted episode shines the spotlight on Kitty, who travels alone to the rough mining town of Pickaxe to claim a gold mine, meeting the eccentric Gibbijohn family and a deaf-mute boy. Matt attempts to protect wounded outlaw Johnny Drago Frank Silvera from a pair of bounty hunters. Festus' nephew Billy Robert Random comes to Dodge to find a wife. A band out of outlaws terrorize Dodge. This episode also boasts a Franz Waxman score. The outlaws take Doc hostage after they rob the bank and set Dodge on fire. Franz Waxman score.

Festus flees Dodge after killing a medicine-show sharpshooter in a gunfight. A wandering guitarist named Jason Beau Bridges believes his father's guitar is more valuable than a person's life. Matt goes after three bandits who robbed a stagecoach and killed the driver and guard. Meanwhile, Doc is bit by a rattlesnake. A bank robber takes refuge in a church where he holds the pastor and two women hostage. His daughter France Nuyen seeks Matt's help and intervention. Matt captures a young criminal named Billy Bobby Crawford , who must endure Matt's moralizing while waiting to be broke out of jail by his outlaw brother and hero Ed Scott Marlowe.

Buffalo hunters kidnap Doc and Festus. Guest starring R. Guest starring George Kennedy and Karl Swenson. Guest starring Chips Rafferty and Denver Pyle. A gunslinger kills a young man out to gain a reputation, then faces the wrath of the dead man's family. A stranger wearing a murdered preacher's coat causes tension in Dodge when he announces his intention to watch someone die.

Guest star Sam Wanamaker. Daniel B. Trivia: this is the final black-and-white episode. Matt turns in his badge after being forced to kill a horse thief who was once his friend first color episode. An outlaw brings his cohorts to Dodge to melt down the shipment of gold they have stolen. A powerful matriarch guest star Bette Davis plots her revenge on Matt for having her husband hanged six years ago.

While in Mexico, Matt has his badge, horse and prisoner stolen by Americans. Matt uses a young man's guilty conscience to find the men responsible for lynching a suspected rustler. A gunslinger hired to kill Matt reconsiders when a Chinese girl tends to his wounds. A farmer is charged with murdering the card shark who won his borrowed money. An ex-convict returns home to find the loot he stashed. When Dodge is struck by a drought, Festus looks for water and Matt uses a rainmaker to give the people hope.

Irving J. Doc takes a stand against bandits at a stage stop along with a pregnant woman and a blind man. An immigrant must decide whether to pay off a blackmailer who claims to have seen the immigrant's son commit murder. Bernard L. After being deputized, Thad deals with mistaken identity and a pair of outlaws as he takes a killer across the plains.

Richard A. An ex-criminal fears that a conflict involving his girlfriend, brother and old partner will reveal his past. An ex-fighter and a con artist conspire to persuade Kitty into selling the Long Branch. Matt must determine how and when the partners of a murderer he has in custody will make their move. One of the drovers in a cattle drive plans to free Matt's prisoner. Festus is mistaken for a hired gunman in the town of Bucklin. Although a young outlaw has wounded Matt, he is unable to concentrate on finishing the marshal off because of his affections for a girl.

A boy comes looking for his father, unaware that he is a wanted outlaw. Marshal Burl Masters trails the gang of outlaws who burned his town and ran off with his woman. A rancher is stalking Matt and his prisoner. Kitty is abducted by an outlaw and tries to turn his daughter against him to escape. A state official uses Matt's friendship with an outlaw for personal gain. Kitty is torn between Matt and the man he is looking for — a vengeful killer who once saved her life.

A fugitive learns that the man whose identity he is using is being brought in by Matt. Guest stars : Albert Salmi and Sam Melville. A group of nuns bring their injured protector to Dodge — without mentioning he is a former criminal. A gang hires a drifter to mix nitroglycerin for them. The drifter hired by the gang mixes one last batch of nitroglycerin.

Kitty pins Matt's badge on an unconscious outlaw to protect the marshal from a holdup gang. Cattle barons fight over a large herd. Bernard McEveety. A journalist looking for a sensational story talks Matt into reopening a murder case, where the marshal finds himself the prime suspect. Matt tries to help when a drifter plans to avenge his friends who were trampled by a rancher's horsemen.

The drifter who is still bent on avenging his friends is arrested for murdering a town boss. A stray bullet ruins a frontiersman's hat, setting off a chain reaction of violence and retribution. Warren Douglas.

Prairie Preacher

Festus goes to Pratt County with his clumsy cousin Henry to determine how a chest of gold should be divided among the Haggen clan. A pair of Army deserters wait for the perfect opportunity to murder the sergeant who has been harassing him. A gang of outlaws kidnap Newly and Kitty based on their assumption that Newly is a doctor.

Robert Butler. A hired killer gets distracted by his ex-wife and the son he never knew. The passengers of a railroad car are quarantined for a fever that could spread. David Alexander. A sheriff enjoys his new-found glory when he puts Festus in jail on a trumped-up murder charge. Matt helps an Indian boy find a drifter who is being bothered by disgruntled cowboys. Doc fights to keep three orphaned babies from being separated. Matt and a sheriff face off against a lynch mob. A group of vigilantes terrorizes Dodge as Festus goes looking for Matt. A pair of teenage thieves fear that their partner, who is stuck in a well, will give them away.

The father of a young gunfighter tries to end his son's career by wounding his gun hand. Newly clashes with a country girl's tough half-brothers. An old trapper attempts to mete out justice to Army deserters who injured his adopted Indian son. Matt trails the man who plotted the murder of an old friend to Mexico.

A politically ambitious Indian agent falsely accuses Matt of participating in a murder committed on the reservation. A rainmaker offers hope when Dodge is struck by a drought. Matt enlists the help of a former outlaw to find two condemned killers who escaped from jail. Matt intervenes when a former lawman plans to use his son to settle a grudge. Matt joins a cattle drive to prevent violence between a trail boss and his hands. A young Mexican youngster has an ulterior motive for befriending Matt. Two brothers turn in their wanted year-old uncle for the reward.

A Bible-spouting, moonshine-swilling rancher threatens Matt. Matt is forced to protect a troublemaking Irishman. Marvin J. Matt and Doc have a tense train ride as they take a prisoner back to Dodge. Outlaws use a widow's home as their hideout. Matt clashes with a railroad boss who is determined to buy a homesteader's land. An Irish drummer falls for the woman he intended to swindle. Fate seems to have other plans for Matt as he takes a prisoner back to Dodge.

Matt and an old mountain man face off against angry cattlemen and greedy bounty hunters. Herschel Daugherty. Newly intervenes when a pair of bounty hunters attempt to kill a desperado who swears that he is innocent. Two children rob a bank. Kitty clashes with the tyrannical mother of a rancher she just rescued.

Matt finds himself marked for death as he looks for a killer. A former Quantrill Raider comes to Dodge to face Matt in a gunfight. A pair of sharpsters salt a gold mine to con the citizens of Dodge. An ex-Confederate is haunted by his past. Doc must choose between delivering a baby or saving the life of a man who committed a murder.

A group of bounty hunters intend to get even with Matt. Festus faces a group of renegades bent on regaining land they lost during the Civil War. Festus seeks help for his prisoner. A family of former slaves give Matt shelter when he is injured. Kitty is left in charge of a man about to be hanged for murder, but she believes that he is innocent and refuses to let another sheriff take him away. A former lawman goes after the men who murdered his wife.

Philip Leacock. A wily outlaw is determined to free his younger brother from Matt's custody. Matt is headed for a showdown with marshal-turned-outlaw John Stryker. Two feuding women refuse to reveal the identity of the killer Matt is looking for. An ailing con man plans to kill Matt to ensure his financial future. A woman refuses to acknowledge that a half-Indian boy is her son.

A widow is not what she seems to be. Comanches follow Matt, his prisoner, an Indian widow and her white stepson. Festus faces off against a family of hillbillies. The town drunk is accused of a murder he witnessed. A missionary teacher heads for her first assignment. Arthur Dales [C]. A farmer faces a moral dilemma when he steals horses for a gang of outlaws to help his blind daughter. Ex-gunslinger Jake McGraw has returned to Dodge after twenty years in prison and for some reason has taken an interest in a saloon hostess and a young cowboy.

A dirt farmer and his kin plot to break into the bank when it's closed due to a panic. A scoundrel tries to con three nuns. A drunken cavalry sergeant pursues an Indian warrior who takes Kitty hostage. A young thief sets a fatal trap for Matt as the marshal takes an escaped prisoner to Dodge. A hired gunman changes the balance of power in a family feud. A hypnotist uses his skill to steal money. After Matt is wounded in a gunfight, Kitty puts the saloon up for sale and faces a new kind of trouble. A bank teller foils a robbery and keeps the money for himself, only to wind up helping the robbers with their next attempt.

Matt helps search for a group of raiders who abducted a rancher's daughter. Newly must prove that a girl is a con artist bent on swindling a blacksmith. Outlaws take over Dodge and wait for Matt to arrive with a large shipment of gold. The bartender takes an interest in a juvenile delinquent on probation. An ex-convict seeks revenge on a farmer who ran out on him during a robbery years ago. Matt leads a posse to find a gang of gold thieves. Matt heads to New Mexico to track down a wily killer with a knach for murdering lawmen. A stranger comes to Dodge to avenge his father's hanging.

Donald Sanford. Bounty hunter Louis Stark blackmails his prisoner, whose father is a wealthy rancher. Samuel her father wanted a boy McTavish answers Doc Adam's ad for a temporary replacement. A land baron considers his family above the law. The Sioux are after the white man who sold them poisonous whisky. Matt must find out who sold the Indians poisonous whisky when they take a trainload of passengers hostage.

Outlaw Luke Dangerfield's dying wish is to see his daughter. A newspaperman from St. Louis exploits a teenage bank clerk who killed a notorious gunfighter. A bounty is placed on Indians for allegedly massacring a camp site. Shimon Wincelberg. A father gets rid of witnesses against his murderous son. Matt's prisoner McCabe is targeted by a lynch mob. A priest tries to save his murderous twin brother's soul. A sergeant sets out to find the man who framed him for stealing an Army payroll.

A bank robber hopes to recoup his losses after losing his money gambling. A retired whaler moves to Kansas and begins courting a widow. Festus comes back from a desert shootout with no memory of what exactly took place. Festus falls prey to a husband-hunter after coming into money. A pardoned convict returns to the woman he killed for. An aging lawman sets out to get the Carver gang - unaware that his son is with them.

An unlucky fellow jumps a dead man's claim and starts courting Kitty. A troublemaker, out on probation, reunites with his old gang. Crusty old Sally Fergus nurses a wounded young outlaw named Cyrus Pike back to health. Having taken a shine to Cyrus while tending to his wounds, Sally tries to persuade him not to steal anymore.

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Kitty befriends a wild child when she gets lost. Paul Stanley. An ex-convict starts hiring himself out as a killer. Matt's search for an outlaw leads him to a boy without a mother and wagonload of saloon girls. Matt gets trapped in a deserted fort with the boy and saloon girls. The new town doctor finds it hard to be accepted as he tries to fill Doc Adams' shoes. A man heads down the same path as his outlaw brothers.

An outlaw's compassion for his victims proves to be his downfall. An easygoing former lawman fills in for Matt. A mountain man is accused of killing three people. Festus tries to keep an old Indian alive, even though he wishes to die in peace. A scout hunts down the man who murdered his female benefactor. Doc tries to save Matt when the marshal gets wounded. A group of bandits delay Matt's journey to Denver where the wounded marshal needs an operation. Doc performs an emergency surgery on Matt to save the marshal's life.

Herb Wallerstein. A drifter and seven orphans find a way to melt the cold heart of the orphanage headmistress at Christmastime. A falsely accused homesteader fights to prove his innocence. An outlaw shoots Matt and leaves him to die in the desert of Chihuahua. A charming widow plays Newly against a gunman. A drunk escapes from his reproving daughter. A 'mad' dog is killing cattle and sheep, while a vengeful gunman sets out to kill a man who shot him in the back four years ago. A saddle tramp uses a rancher's money to court his daughter. A lonely widow takes care of a wounded man she finds outside her cabin.

A case of mistaken identity ensues when Festus is believed to be wanted for murder. A couple are determined to get married over their parents' objections. Bandits chase Matt down Oregon's Rogue River. Matt's adventure on Oregon's Rogue River comes to a thrilling conclusion. A faith healer is asked to cure a terminally ill boy. A gunman plots revenge against the man who turned him in as an Army deserter. A salesman is forced to face his past. An old flame of Matt's gets him involved with stage robbers.

Doc is kidnapped and forced to save an outlaw's life. A farmer is accused of shooting someone in the back. A dying gunman endures a long, sad journey to see his estranged daughters. A sodbuster fights a cattle baron for her water supply. An outlaw's brother seeks revenge on Kitty for shooting him. After Matt kills a member of the Dog Soldiers, the rest of the gang shoot Kitty for revenge.

A poor sodbuster leaves his farm to race his prized quarter horse. A midget claims that he will turn into an elephant at midnight. A pair of outlaws return to Dodge to see their dying mother and take Kitty and Doc hostage. A condemned man posing as a priest is forced to help a stricken town. Newly gets engaged to a leukemia victim. Matt has a trying day as he deals with a vicious prisoner, a brawl at the Long Branch, a nine-year-old thief and Kitty giving him the silent treatment.

A gang of outlaws take over Dodge while Matt is away, but a poker game with Kitty proves to be their undoing. Matt's mentor in law enforcement is now on the skids. Festus runs into a friend who has escaped from prison. An outlaw's plans to rob the bank are sidetracked by his attraction to the woman whose husband he killed. A Jewish family's faith is tested by the son's senseless death. Matt goes up against white-slave traders. Matt continues his pursuit of white-slave traders. An amnesiac Matt falls in love with a young widow.

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A farm boy tries to stop a man from giving up his honor for booze. An ex-gunman is unable to put his reputation behind him. A reformed gunfighter begins a courtship with Kitty. Festus takes a charming, unethical petty thief back to Dodge, but must rely on him to protect a widow and her son. A cattleman seeks vengeance against the Indians he suspects of killing his wife.

The Indians accused of murdering a cattleman's wife stand trial. An alcoholic judge is forced by Matt to hold an inquest into the death of a female saloonkeeper that resulted in the lynching of an innocent drifter. A backwoods community wants to hang Newly for a failed emergency operation he performed. Matt asks two women to take care of a wounded outlaw. A mentally challenged young man struggles to live as an adult. Newly tries to help care for the sick baby of a wanted man and his untrusting Indian wife.

Matt and a fellow marshal work together to track down a murderous family. A reformed safecracker tries to start his life over. Matt and another marshal attempt to bring justice to a frontier town. Matt must find a home for an abandoned baby girl. A gunfighter is hired to settle a disagreement over water rights. An unmarried schoolteacher finds that she is pregnant as a result of her being raped.

A young farmer sets out to find the man who killed his father. A has-been pool player looks for a way to regain others' respect. A mother seeks to fulfull her dreams for her children. Matt's life is changed when his gun arm is seriously wounded. A crazed killer bent on avenging his son's death captures Matt. A gang of bank robbers take over a town to do one last heist.

Outlaws hold Doc and a woman hostage at a desert stronghold. Matt, Festus and Newly hatch a plan to rescue Doc and his female companion from the outlaws who have taken them hostage. Three drovers find their way of life jeopardized by the railroad. Earl W. A farmer sends his sons into town to pick up brides.

Matt takes on the task of rehabilitating a drunk ex-lawman. There is a killer on the loose in Dodge. Guest star : Nick Nolte. A family of outlaws stay a step ahead of the law by killing anyone who sees them. A half-crazy hermit rescues Festus. The hermit forces Festus to make packs of gold across the desert. A town drunk who was once an officer of the Army deals with his daughter's upcoming marriage.

An outlaw on the run must rely on an Indian woman cast off from her own tribe if he is to survive in the badlands. Festus tries to talk a teenager into leaving a gang of men who cut the skins off dead cattle. Newly tries to take a killer to Dodge with bounty hunters on his tail. A teacher fights for children's right to education as he clashes with the father of one of his students. An orphaned girl is turned away by her only relative. A farmer tries to get his sons married. Matt is convicted for a crime he did not commit and is sentenced to a life of hard labor in the judge's silver mine.

An ailing preacher is determined to build a church for the Comanches, despite the objecions of both whites and Indians. A broncobuster has only two days to live after getting a fatal injury from getting thrown off a stallion. A Basque sheepherder refuses to fight his father to prove his manhood. Leonard Katzman.

Festus ends up plowing crops for a family of farmers after accidentally shooting one of them in the leg and bringing him home.

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Charles Correll. Gunsmoke — 50th Anniversary DVD releases. He tried not to be hateful, but not very successfully. After Vietnam, Spud felt his life was no more than a pile of useless potato peelings.

He tried to put them together to get his life back, but found it a monumental task. With the help of his family, faith and friends, he began to put them back together-- one peeling at a time. See All Customer Reviews. Shop Books. Read an excerpt of this book! Add to Wishlist. USD Sign in to Purchase Instantly. Overview Teased by his siblings for being a potato head, Andy Schroeder had been a good natured, optimistic young person. Product Details. Average Review. Write a Review. Related Searches. The reporters and columnists of the Pauliapolis Sentinel fret over the implications for them personally The reporters and columnists of the Pauliapolis Sentinel fret over the implications for them personally of the management's employment of a market research firm.

Their concern is that main stream reader interests will favor the scores of the writers of View Product. Peace reigns over the land. The sorcerer Mellette is sealed within his catacombs, Emory and The sorcerer Mellette is sealed within his catacombs, Emory and Erin happily reside in Wizardmont, and Tostan and Maria are making a life together in Fortun. Nevertheless, Tostan is troubled.

Trading horses barely calms his The seven-year-old boy went over a small rise to an old run-down farm surrounded by The seven-year-old boy went over a small rise to an old run-down farm surrounded by untrimmed trees and overgrown weeds. The barn was mostly collapsed and the roof of the house has a gaping hole on one end. He went Coot And The Gophers. Her name was Miriam, and she was the would-be victim of a religious cult leader who doled out more than his share of abuse.

Ebony Coffin Jim Kirkwood Series 5. Jim Kirkwood's visit to an antique shop in Queens, New York, starts with an invitation

Families! The Good, Bad and Wobbly: Fourteenth of the Prairie Preacher Series Families! The Good, Bad and Wobbly: Fourteenth of the Prairie Preacher Series
Families! The Good, Bad and Wobbly: Fourteenth of the Prairie Preacher Series Families! The Good, Bad and Wobbly: Fourteenth of the Prairie Preacher Series
Families! The Good, Bad and Wobbly: Fourteenth of the Prairie Preacher Series Families! The Good, Bad and Wobbly: Fourteenth of the Prairie Preacher Series
Families! The Good, Bad and Wobbly: Fourteenth of the Prairie Preacher Series Families! The Good, Bad and Wobbly: Fourteenth of the Prairie Preacher Series
Families! The Good, Bad and Wobbly: Fourteenth of the Prairie Preacher Series Families! The Good, Bad and Wobbly: Fourteenth of the Prairie Preacher Series
Families! The Good, Bad and Wobbly: Fourteenth of the Prairie Preacher Series Families! The Good, Bad and Wobbly: Fourteenth of the Prairie Preacher Series
Families! The Good, Bad and Wobbly: Fourteenth of the Prairie Preacher Series Families! The Good, Bad and Wobbly: Fourteenth of the Prairie Preacher Series
Families! The Good, Bad and Wobbly: Fourteenth of the Prairie Preacher Series Families! The Good, Bad and Wobbly: Fourteenth of the Prairie Preacher Series
Families! The Good, Bad and Wobbly: Fourteenth of the Prairie Preacher Series

Related Families! The Good, Bad and Wobbly: Fourteenth of the Prairie Preacher Series

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